Wednesday links keep an eye on the big picture

By Felix Salmon
June 3, 2009

Ryan Avent on the tyranny of economists in general, and cost-benefit analysis in particular

Clinton fails to sway the OAS, and Cuba’s allowed back in: “The cold war has ended today in San Pedro Sula”

Bernanke: Yields are rising because of “concerns” *and* “optimism.” Nice trick!

A good information-design debate here but the real genius response is here

Every country should have a UK-style statistics ombudsman

Why DirecTV’s CEO wants to be Murdoch’s sidekick

I love sardines!

DeLong reviews Posner. V good.

Will Orangutans be the new elephants? And where are Komar & Melamid?

Flattered? Yes, obvs. But OMGWTF?


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Actually, I am more into sprats than sardines. Riga sprats if possible. And how about herring? Matjes or kippered – no bones and yummy. The SF bay is supposed to be spawning ground of herring, but I don’t see them sold locally.

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“At the Sardine Factory, a popular Monterey Bay restaurant, Shelley remembers ordering canned sardines that were so delicious he asked the server to show him the tin. “A product of Latvia,” he said with a laugh. “Here on Cannery Row, we’re eating sardines from Latvia.”"

Of course, the capital of Latvia is Riga. I wonder if he ate sardines at all. Well, buy them at your friendly Eastern European store. Latvia can use some economic support right now.

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There’s a company that sells nontoxic fingerpaints for lab monkeys to play with.

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DeLong makes two errors in his first sentence. At that point, my bullshit filter basically prevents me from accepting anything else in the piece.

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“OMGWTF”? IMHO, GTFO. Thanks for the giggle. If I could be bothered to register over there, I’d demand to see every day’s Zero Hedge summed up in 25 words or less.

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congrats, welcome to the ranks of the national socialists

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