Men with guns

By Felix Salmon
June 4, 2009

A few weeks ago I noticed an armed private security guard outside the new Bank of America tower on 42nd Street; today there were two, both sporting Wackenhut logos on their shoulders. These aren’t some paramilitary Hercules team sporting machine guns, they’re just guys with sidearms patrolling the sidewalk in front of a bank. Which might be normal in Charlotte, I don’t know, but is certainly not something I ever remember seeing in NYC. Any idea what purpose these guys are meant to be serving? And are they going to be there permanently?


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sa vas mec? j’adore ton site whats is fucking that?!

maybe the heard that Frank Castle lives and they have planned accordingly…”the Punisher”

Posted by Griff | Report as abusive

They’re part of the stimulus package.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

They’re there to make Ken Lewis feel like he’s still in the South. They’re going to erect a nascar track next.

Posted by Sean | Report as abusive

They’re asking passers-by for equity infusions. The uniforms just make them look a bit more official.

Posted by Benedict@Large | Report as abusive

I noticed a guard outside an ATM in Boston. He had to step out of my way so I could read a menu.

Posted by Nic | Report as abusive

I worked middle management in the Custom Protection Officer division and was also a Trainer for the B.P.O(bank protection officer)What a joke bank of America is.
These ofiicers are basicallly,as one off duty cop put it-”Cigar store indian”.TheBPO is not allowed in the bank except to go to the bath-room and must stand in the same spot for 8 hrs.When the would be robber walks past the BPO in to the bank and commences to rob said bank,the BPO has no way of knowing what is going inside,as there is no direct commo with anyone inside.The BPO’s post orders state he is not to get inviolved in ANY altercation,just call 911-that is if he even knows whats going on.If the said robber walks in inconspicuously and exits the same way,more than likely the BPO will not even know the bank was being robbed until after the thief has tipped his hat on the way out !!!

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