S-E-X at the S.E.C.

June 9, 2009

From the Office of the Inspector General’s semiannual report to Congress:

Beginning on October 20, 2008, the OIG conducted an investigation into information showing a Los Angeles Regional Office SK-17 supervisor had been using his SEC-assigned computer to access Internet pornography. The investigation revealed that while using his SEC computer during 17 working days, the employee received approximately 1,880 access denials for Internet websites classified by the SEC’s Internet filter as pornography. The images on these websites included graphic depictions of sexual acts.

If you’re feeling sorry for the fact that he was blocked from accessing pr0n 1,880 times in a 17-day period, don’t: there was always Plan B.

The supervisor also admitted that he saved numerous pornographic and sexually-explicit images to his SEC computer hard drive and that he viewed those saved images during work hours.

You’d think that if (a) you had an easily-accessible porn stash on your work computer, and that (b) the SEC had blocked your previous thousand or so attempts to find even more porn online, you’d pretty much get the message at that point and give up trying to download yet more porn while at work.

Maybe the SK-17 supervisor in question was working in the enforcement division and waiting endlessly for the commissioners to make a decision. Even a series of hundreds of “access denied” screens would be less frustrating than that.


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