Felix Salmon

Tuesday links are flying blind

By Felix Salmon
June 9, 2009

Illegal downloads and dodgy figures: Never, ever trust “amount of money lost to” statistics.

How many times have I seen this headline? “Little Progress Is Seen in Talks on Ground Zero”

A pilot on his weather info: “once I get into my aircraft I’m blind except for the radar in the nose of the jet”

The Pricechopper Hall Of Fame: NYC apartments down more than 50%

Department of leading indicators, men’s skivvies edition

Can anybody think of a single reason why Treasury didn’t release the names of the banks it’s allowing to repay TARP?

An official White House blog responds to other bloggers — now to see if Henry Blodget can do the same thing…

Clusterstock’s list of the 10 TARP repayers

Great moments in financial television, cont.

J. Jill: Bought for $517 million, sold for $75 million. Well advised, Merrill Lynch!

Eulogy: PPIP RIP

MS is repaying TARP funds even though its level-3 assets have gone UP as a percentage of total assets:

True: “I don’t think there are any iPhone users who really like AT&T.” But GSM is a must-have for international roaming.

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“amount of money lost to” seems a lot like “jobs saved by”

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