How to sleep better at night

By Felix Salmon
June 12, 2009

Another reason to talk to your grown children about your financial affairs.


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For me the only condition that brings a goodnight sleep is when I go to bed with no stress. I may have worries but stress makes it real hard fall asleep.

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A diversified approach would led the mother to also plant a mason jar in the backyard, and stash more away in a hollowed-out book.

The new mattress company should call for an endorsement deal

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Pick up after yourself….. do a little paperwork, keep busy UNTIL you really start yawning…. go to bed when you feel you are really tired, not just at an habitual time. You will sleep better and not toss about as much.
It helps when you know you haven’t left a mess about that only you will have to pick up in the morning.

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Also, another reason why you shouldn’t discard other people’s belongings without telling them.

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Reducing the stress in your life is definitely going to improve your sleep quality. If you can keep yourself from being all worked up from stress before you go to bed, you should get a great night.