Thursday links get there in the end

By Felix Salmon
June 12, 2009

Survivor, CJR edition: Who can make it through to the end of a panel featuring Bill Ackman and Gretchen Morgenson?

Mark Gimein on the economics of ticket scalping

Really bizarre new Takashi Murakami/Louis Vuitton animation

“September became the preferred time to start the school year because travel is cheapest during July and August

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If you read the scalping piece: does it seem more likely the Beijing scalper is a rational monopolist, or that he’s behaving irrationally (or bluffing)? I don’t currently believe that many events with (unsanctioned) scalpers end up with any scalpers commanding a large enough chunk of the tickets to create monopoly power. I would be more willing to believe behavioral explanations for empty seats — or simply that the purchasers changed their minds and couldn’t be bothered to resell them.