Folding bike fail

June 15, 2009

My fingers weren’t crossed hard enough. I did end up buying a folding bike this weekend — a Montague DX — and proudly carried it, folded in half, into 3 Times Square this morning, after having been told by a security guard that folding bikes were OK to bring in to the office. Except, it turns out, they’re not. The only way you’re allowed to bring a folding bike into the building, it turns out, is if it’s packed up into a bag. Otherwise, no dice.

I suppose my next hope is that NYC’s bike-friendly new transportation commissioner will install some permanent bike parking in the acreage of Times Square she recently pedestrianized. But I’m not holding my breath. In any case, I hope my bike shop accepts returns. They did say they would, but I’ve just learned how much I can trust verbal promises.

Update: I just popped down to check on it — I realized I’d left the quick-release seatpost open to easy theft when I chained the bike up outside. The back tire’s completely deflated. As am I.


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