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June 16, 2009

Ben Smith gets some traffic numbers out of The Atlantic:

“It turns out Andrew’s surge in Iran-related traffic put a strain on our servers,” the website’s editorial director, Bob Cohn, e-mailed, saying Sullivan’s Iran blogging had driven more than half of the 1.2 million visits to the site that day and accurately calling the blogger “a force of nature.”

Smith is not entirely correct when he calls Sullivan a “solo political blogger”: putting out up to 10 blog entries per hour, Andrew does have help from various Atlantic staffers and interns. But yes, he’s undeniably a force of nature, and his Iran blogging has been truly spectacular — and necessary, in the face of a story which is so fluid that the MSM has great difficulty nailing down to its own satisfaction. It’s great that he’s getting the traffic he deserves on this.

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