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By Felix Salmon
June 16, 2009

Pay No Attention To Morons Talking About “Money On The Sidelines”: After all, the stocks’ sellers are going to cash.

“How much the St Petersburg Times spent to win its Pulitzer prize? Probably between $0.6 and $1m a year.”

Abnormal Returns on the downside of ETFs

Duff McDonald on Steve Black and Bill Winters, “the kingpins of Wall Street

Pico Iyer steps off the hedonic treadmill

90% Of Waking Hours Spent Staring At Glowing Rectangles (The Onion, but not really false)

Donald Trump: Not just a developer, also an expert in materials engineering!

Baruch on why it’s idiotic to follow the smart money

Patron Bordeaux (whatever that might be) is $2200 the bottle at THOR. Makes the $22 margarita seem cheap.

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The comments on Trump’s blog are entertaining:

“i agree mr trump..becoz if u want more quality…more money to invest! that’s the rule!”

“Mr. Trump, I agree. While plastics have come along way, there are some applications that really should wait or not be considered at all. America’s plastics are superior to most imported ones, and they still don’t hold up in many situations, but even with the best materials, finished goods can contain contaminants and flaws in manufacturing. The rudders shouldn’t be overlooked in the investigation.”

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