Thomas Kinkade: Bad, not evil

By Felix Salmon
June 19, 2009

Hamilton Nolan is snarking gleefully over the fact that Thomas Kinkade, whom he calls “Painter of Darkness”, has lost a round of the endless litigation he’s been involved in for years now, ever since he took his company private in 2004. Now I’m no fan of Kinkade. But the plaintiffs in this case are trying to make a pretty astonishing case: that they’re owed damages on the grounds that Kinkade talked a lot about God, and thereby fraudulently persuaded them to place their trust in him.

This argument doesn’t really hold water, and in fact Kinkade has — justly — won the vast majority of the lawsuits which have been brought against him. I wrote about this case at some length back in March 2006, so I might as well just plagiarize myself here: Kinkade is more of a bad businessman than an evil one.

Kinkade took his business public in 1994, with a $110 million IPO. Between 1997 and 2005, according to Kim Christensen of the LA Times, he earned more than $50 million in royalties. And at the end of Jauary 2004, just over 9 years after going public, Kinkade bought back his company for $32.7 million – a price about $14 million higher than the company’s market capitalisation at the time. People who bought Media Arts Group at $20 per share, of course, weren’t particularly thankful that Kinkade paid them $4 rather than $2.30 for their stock. But the fact is that Kinkade was more optimistic about the outlook for his company than the markets were.

The people who ran Kinkade stores are upset at him, because he acted a bit like Chrysler towards dealers it ended up closing: Kinkade forced the dealers to buy expensive inventory which simply didn’t sell, and refused to accept returns unless they were accompanied by orders for three times as much art as was being returned.  Obviously, it was hard for the shops to make money in such circumstances. But I get the feeling they’re missing the forest for the trees: they weren’t losing money because of the decisions being made by Kinkade’s company, so much as they were losing money because they’d hitched their wagon to a company which was in a tailspin.

Obviously, they have every right to try to sue. But it’s pretty hard to make the case that one should expect better behavior from Christians than from non-Christians. And any company, once it starts failing, is going to result in people losing money. It’s also worth pointing out that virtually everyone who entered the Kinkade industry did so out of greed – not just Kinkade himself.

The store owners saw a booming market, and then lost money when the market stopped booming and the internet made secondary-market values of Kinkade’s work much more transparent. Suddenly, the enormous growth in past Kinkade sales was no longer a good thing: there were a lot of Kinkades to go around, and many of the buyers were people who bought on the assumption that their paintings would increase in value and they could make money on their investment. Up until the arrival of the internet, that worked for Kinkade, whose company set the prices for all his paintings and would raise them steadily. After the arrival of the internet, a whole industry arose buying and selling Kinkades at market-set, rather than Kinkade-set, prices. And that was the end of the success days for the company: without monopoly pricing power, Kinkade was nothing.

The stores failed, ultimately, not because Kinkade treated them badly, and not because other stores were undercutting them. The stores failed because Kinkades are a commodity, and anybody wanting to buy one could get a second-hand Kinkade online at a much lower price than that charged at retail. Buyers no longer believed that their paintings would increase in value, so they bought fewer than they used to. And when they did buy, they were likely to buy already-existing Kinkades rather than new ones.

As a general rule, no retailer has ever consistently been able to make money by selling the proposition that his goods are going to increase in value after they’re bought. Kinkade managed it for a few years, but then, inevitably, the bubble burst. And when bubbles burst, people get hurt. It’s not the fault of Thomas Kinkade, it’s simple market dynamics.


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But I miss the stores; going into one was like visiting an alternative universe, sort of a non-threatening adult version of American Girl, complete with Master Highlighters who’d dab actual paint on your print. What kitsch!

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BTW, forgot to say: “Painter of Light” = Painter of Shite.

Posted by jonathan | Report as abusive

I noticed that FS didn’t include Kinkade in his recent list of top dog late 20th century artists….

My hope is that Kinkade extends his empire to tattoo parlors — folks could go in and get a shiny highlight or two added to the old tat during the holiday season or before a big party, concert or athletic event.

Posted by bdbd | Report as abusive

They should have waited until he was dead.

his jigsaw puzzles in Wal-Mart seem to be doing well

Posted by John | Report as abusive

There is just no justification for spending more than $100 on a decoration that can be in every household in the neighborhood.

Posted by roz | Report as abusive

No, he’s evil.

Posted by KGC | Report as abusive

Dear Felix,
The Signature Gallery you are talking about was in Michigan during 9-11-2001. Almost all of the Signature Galleries are
doing better than ever (Not franchises).
Thomas Kinkade’s last three paintings for Disney SOL OUT
and doubled or tripled in value in this ecconomy!
Thomas still has the most beautiful detailed lumist art
and most people still love “Faith & Family values”
NOT greed like you accuse us of!
Thomas Kinkade is the real thing and that’s why Anti-Christian people in the comments slander him!
God bless all those who attack a fellow American, Steve

Posted by Steven Austen | Report as abusive

Over here we call T.K. “Painter of Blight”.

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

I bought one of his jigsaw puzzles at Target for about $7. Its given me a hundred hours of entertainment, because his painting is COMPLETELY wrong for a jigsaw puzzle. It has no real lines or definition, so I’ve spent 100 hours and have about 4 of the 500 pieces connected.
So, my vote is for evil.
Is it too late to join the lawsuit?

Posted by MRT | Report as abusive

Dear Felix,
What kind of people post comments in your web site?
Thomas Kinkade paints the most beautiful paintings and
they touch most peoples lives in a very positive way!
Only negative people who want to slander Thomas have
written evil things in your comments!
I did research today and the secondary market on ebay
is all priced HIGHER than the prices in my Gallery!
Snow White is actually tripled in value in less than
one year! Thomas Kinkade does NOT set the secondary
market prices and has NEVER under sold the Signature
Galleries on QVC! He sold Paper prints on QVC. Do research
more often! You are playing with real people’s lives!
God bless you, Steven (in the name of Christ Jesus)

Posted by Steven Austen | Report as abusive

Kinkade “art” is for people who spend their lives wishing they lived in Disneyland or some fantasyworld. My advice to anyone unfortunate enough to have his stuff in their house is to go immediately and take it out to the dumpster. Get a Monet print instead.

Posted by Apphouse50 | Report as abusive

Claude Monet is a wonderful artist!
Thomas Kinkade also paints in French Impressionism and
has published tributes to his idols like Monet, Manet,
Van Gogh and Renoir.
Of course you didn’t know that because you have done
ZERO research on the person you are slandering!
Thomas Kinkade is an American Master artist!
I pray that you forgive whoever hurt you in the name
of Christ Jesus. John 3:16

Posted by Steven | Report as abusive

Steven – I have done research on Thomas Kinkade. I also minored in art history in college and am working on an MA in textile history with an emphasis on quilt design.

Thomas Kinkade and his relentlessly wholesome paintings bear as much resemblance to Monet, Degas, Morisot, and the other Impressionists as they do to the USS Enterprise. He is a sharp businessman, a terrible artist, and yet more proof that no one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American people.

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Steve — THREE comments? Touchy much? As for the Snow White which “tripled in value in less than one year”, I believe you’re talking about this. Which says it all, really.

Posted by Felix Salmon | Report as abusive

This is why we need art education — so people won’t buy that CRAP Kinkade’s company puts out! Awful, horrible garbage!

Sorry, you’re all wrong about his title, which is:

“The Painter of Trite”(TM)(R)(C)

[And I say that as a Christian, Steve. It is after all our duty to rebuke others who stray...]

Posted by MFA | Report as abusive

Well, I guess I hit a soar spot!
Not one of you mentioned your favorite artist! maybe you
all hate art anyway! Thomas Kinkade’s detailed layering
techniques and yes, French impressionism under the name
Robert Girrard are amazing!
That is why Thomas Kinkade is the most popular artist in
the entire World. So please get a life and stop being
so NEGATIVE about everything! Children please have fun
while you can because your eternity is right around the
corner! Don’t wake up when it’s too late to get back Home!
God bless everyone who commented on this blog, Steven
John 3:16 (and don’t say Andy Warhol or Ozzie Osborne)

Posted by Steven Austen | Report as abusive

Shorter version: News flash! Lunch still not free! Film at 11!

Posted by Rick00 | Report as abusive

People who buy this crap grew up in households that displayed Elvis paintings on black velvet.


Dear Tim, keep up the lies! You are going down a dark path.
We are praying for you! God bless, Steven

Posted by Steven Austen | Report as abusive

Look. Kinkade sells Wal-Art. It belongs in Wal-Mart. It’s bought by uneducated, uncultured, Americans who wish they lived in an era and place that never was. Wal-Art is to real art what a big Mac is to actual food. There is no comparison and anyone who displays Wal-Art or who gushes about it is just announcing their unsophisticated ignorance to the world.

And that’s a GOOD thing. Wal-Art buyers don’t purchase real art anyway (artists don’t give roll-back discounts or honor coupons) so artists should appreciate not having to ever deal with these people. I mean, you wouldn’t want someone walking into your gourmet restaurant and treating it like McDonalds. That’s exactly what would happen if they tried to buy real art. So it saves everyone time and embarrassment.

The only thing about Kinkade that bothers people is that he seems to actually believe the things he says. Everyone would love the guy if they thought he was producing a crappy product to take money off the “Left Behind” set. But it doesn’t matter. He does a service whether or not he believes his own marketing material.

So rather than getting upset, just direct these people to the nearest big box store to max their credit on a wide selection of overpriced, unnecessary garbage. That’s the closest they get to happy anyway. The rest of us can go to a museum.

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

Thom Kinkade is truly a reflection of his blessed paintings, er…creations, which are, in fact, (I worked for lightpost publishing back in 2000) $15 canvas transfers! Posters that are vacuum glued onto canvas. Oh yeah, then some college kid -like me back then- dabbles some paint on it. Jeez, the chubby fella doesn’t even SIGN the thing himself. A machine does. Really.

SO while our man Mr Austen can sit there and defend ‘Ol “DALI IS OVERRATED” Kinkade, only because he’s drank the Fool-aid, and has his entire financial future is dependent upon his “Signature” galleries success. I say: buyer beware.

Posted by Drew Winslow | Report as abusive

What one will pay for a $15 canvas transfer, signed by an auto-pen, and dabbled with paint by a college kid or OZZY tickets are both to the point of the article: its business and what the market decides.

Warhol’s work is in museums.

Britney Spears is popular, today.

Posted by Drew Winslow | Report as abusive

Ellid – I love listening to you learned art-minor elitists slam someone as a “terrible artist.” My good man (or woman), who are YOU to say what is good or terrible? Who is anyone to say such a thing? the essence of art is “art for art’s sake,” not whether the artist can please a textile student, or an art critic. The irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife!

And just to make sure you drive your point home – that YOU are the High Priest of Art who dictates the favorable and unfavorable – you insult THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

I am so embarrassed for you. You end up appearing so very small. And of course, one could also surmise that you are driven to such bitterness by jealousy. But I could be wrong…you may be very sincere in your comments. If that is the case, then I am even more embarrassed for you, because in all of your extensive art studies, you missed the critical point: An artist never paints for anyone else.

Posted by ArtFan | Report as abusive

Okay I finished reading the posts so I’ll write a general response to all who labeled Kinkade’s art as “crap,” “Big Mac,” and “WalArt.” You GUYS…you are making true art fans like us look so terrible…so demeaning, smug, holier-than-thou, elitist. You are insulting your fellow human beings who like this art. Why would you do that? Here’s a hard thing to read: YOU (AND I) ARE NOT ANY BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE! Just because we like different art doesn’t make us better…just different. If you don’t prefer Kinkade, just say that. Insulting someone who doesn’t like the same art you do is the ultimate hypocrisy. Guess what? Some people think that a giant Campbell’s soup can is not art. And that’s OKAY! You make the case that popular opinion does not make any artist a REAL artist. Here’s a newsflash: minority opinion also does not make any artist a REAL artist. Just get out there to the galleries and enjoy art in all its variety and complexity, absurdity and simplicity. Just enjoy it!

Posted by ArtFan | Report as abusive

I have an interest in the aquisition of an entire collection if anyone knows of the closing a store.
I know that T K does great work. My mother is an artist. There is beauty in all types of work, and each has the freedom to like what he chooses. please contact me if you can help thanks!!

i like thomas kinkade’s painting. he is very skilled with the brush and colors. some of his paintings have good composition too, but not all. some have lots of focal points that competes for attention. but the details. OMG! incredible.

too expensive though, 1800 $ for a 24×36 i think. no way.

Posted by sawir | Report as abusive

he’s more a painter of light BULBS.

Posted by jj solari | Report as abusive

I worked as an outside sales consultant for media arts in 1997-1998.
It was a crock of shit! The dealers had so many financial hoops to jump through in order to have the privilege to sell TK’s work.
Fact be known, all you are getting for $1,200+ is a canvas transfer (a print) with some hand highlighting by ART STUDENTS. Then TK does some Bull Shit signature by a machine with this DNA in it and these people fell for this crock of Sh**.
The art was the same thing over and over, a cottage, a fireplace, a warm fuzzy lampost, etc.,
the dealers later had to accept artwork by other artists because they simply couldn’t survive on Kinkade’s crap alone.
It all went bad when TK commercialized art. sold his soul to every company out there to have a likeness on their product. the other problem is the flooding on the market of these canvas transfers. too many, there no supply and demand sense here.
Bottom line, the dealers have been had, some over mortgaged their homes and faced foreclosure.
The consumers were had too, because they are not buying anything that the local flea market doesn’t have.

Posted by Lisa Martell | Report as abusive

Thomas Kinkade may be a good painter, but there is no way of knowing since he only paints bad paintings. The fact that he is the most-sold painter in history is proof Jesus works miracles or else is proof people are idiots because they are basically dollhouse art for extremely old, returning-to-childhood customers who are supporting his “professions of Christianity” rather than making sound judgements on the value of his offset lithos. Assuming they are even that level of mechanical reproductions.

Posted by jj solari | Report as abusive

As a technician, Kinkade had to be complemented for being able to control his brush while laughing his butt off. I understand that a great many unsophisticated folks will shell out a few bucks for a litho of dogs playing cards. But when affluent people pay four figures for what’s basically the same sort of litho, you have to chuckle heartily.

Posted by Lemastre | Report as abusive

Wow! Amateur artist and their egos! I am a 35 year professional artist-having worked for Disney as a scenic artist. Real professionals, not amateur artist or art history minors-WHOOPEE!, see Thomas Kinkade for what he is: an amazing artist that we all wish we were: successful, wealthy, and sought after. My favorite art is art that takes me to a happy place. To me, and it appears to the rest of the art loving world, is what we want and enjoy. There are 2 kinds of art people-those who think there is nothing greater then them, so there can be no God -that is where you find the perverts and weirdos full of hate, then there are artist like Thomas who believe art is something to honor God. Gob bless Thomas Kinkade in the name of Christ Jesus. and God bless all of you.

Posted by carol | Report as abusive

I have several TK paintings. I brought them because I like “Cottages, Fireplaces, Trees, and Streams.” No other reason. I don’t care about the financial value, whether he is a great artist or not. I just like the paintings. Furthermore, kudos to TK for being a christian painter. For those critizing his paintings, let’s see you do better. Not all of us can buy original Monets, Van Goghs etc…, and no, I never owned a velvet covered painting. If you don’t like TK works, don’t buy them. But I don’t see the need to trash those who do like them. Did you lose money on his paintings? Too bad, that’s what you get for trying to make a quick buck on the cheap.

Posted by Lynne | Report as abusive

YES Thomas Kinkade is a sellout and a terrible artist…. yet he’s sold out the last 4 Disney paintings he recently released. YES Thomas Kinkade can’t paint worth a damn….. yet he’s still the most collected living artist in the world by far… YES Thomas Kinkade belongs in Wal-mart for the uneducated, uncultured Americans who don’t have a clue about art…. yet his art hangs in homes from every sector of this country. And finally Thomas Kinkade is a bad person… and yet he’s raised millions for charties across the country.

I believe most of the posters on the board are disgruntled ex employees, former gallery owners who miss managed their business or people who just like to bitch about anything that’s successful. All I can say is go start a business from scratch, market it and then survive and prosper through some of the toughest economic times this country has ever seen. Then you can be in a position to comment.


Posted by Thunderdog | Report as abusive

I have been an admirer of Thomas Kincaid for a very long time. No one can dismiss the fact that he is a talented artist. If anyone else can do it, then they should try. You can’t paint the way he does and not believe in God and nature. In order to express what he does, you have to feel a love for life and belief to put it out there on canvass. I have two of his paintings which illuminate my home and bring joy. All great artist have been criticized. All part of every one having their own taste and opinions. Takes guts to be a great artist.

Posted by caroline121212 | Report as abusive

Thomas KinKade made one big mistake that we people who knew of him long before he was a giant know all about. He made it known to many people that he had hired a manager to make him money NOW while he is living & wasn’t concerned about what his work would be worth later. So that was what the manager did for him. He was not a great artist & unlike truely great artist he wanted his art on paper cups, wall paper, public rest room wallpaper border, etc. He added the John 3:16, paid for great advertising & real art collectors did not buy it. It was the people that knew nothing about good art but liked the pretty picture when they saw it with the gallery light shinning on it. It is worth the paper that it’s printed on. $5.00 maybe. Like Cabbage Patch Dolls & Beany Babies.

Posted by Sadiegrove | Report as abusive

I was wondering if all the critics even know the names of other artists or have seen their works. I wonder if any have been to Vatican City or have been to the museums in Europe or have seen Monet’s Garden in France. Some of the critics probably have never been in the NY Art Museum yet they seem to condemn the artist with a knowledge of art being worthless. I wonder what they are good at. Some people live in stark reality and see nothing else but what is in front of their faces, while others can live in a higher plain of life not too many of us have the privilege of knowing. Kincaid even had the smarts to make money which every artists wants to do. Must feel great to sell works of art and still be walking around. Putting art out there in the most unlikely places was really cool and smart. He showed his art off to everyone.

Posted by caroline121212 | Report as abusive

It is what it is. For that matter anyone can say that all the artist in the past are no good but yet good or bad so many people make that journey to see the art. Another thing I like to mention is that there are so many want to be people out there who call themselves artist trying to sell art with quotes from the bible and verses from the bible which they frame and print on cheap mugs. I don’t criticize they are trying to make a living.
People get the Sunday News and look forward to the colorful comic strips. Why, because they love it. It makes them happy and it brings something good. These good people make money. TK brings something special and something good. There aren’t that many out there to enjoy anymore.
Business is business as usual. Art is art as usual.

Posted by caroline121212 | Report as abusive

Have owned gallery/gift stores and worked for art publishers for the last 25 years. Have NEVER met or carried art from a person who was less interested in the end user or gallery than Kincaid.
Most artists–even the very talented ones—are usually reluctant to brag about their own work and shy away from talking about “investment” value. Many are devout Christians, but don’t believe they should capitalize on this belief to help their work sell.
Kincaid goes on shopping networks and talks about his own work like it’s a divine creation/investment gold. If you like his work, fine (I personally think it’s cartoonish). But please don’t buy it for an “investment” or because this huckster promotes himself as Christian.

Posted by jharking | Report as abusive

I have a painting by TK. It is not fireplaces, cottage or warm and fussy.
It takes me to the pristine beauty of our Country. It symbolizes how much I love and treasure my Country. That’s what it does for me and my family.
It brings the mountains and lakes together to me in a sense of peace right into my home. I see a lot of people who are really not familiar with his work just from what they are saying.
I don’t care what it is worth. God Bless you guys who supported freedom of expression by this artist. That’s the most important thing. Many can’t see who are blind to it and have only have little to no experience but claim to have it by working one year in something.

Posted by caroline121212 | Report as abusive

As a gallery owner, I too don’t think anyone should tell you what “good” art is. If you like his art, fine. But any artist who forces galleries to buy a large number of pieces to become a dealer–and then uses those sales figures as research on where to open his own galleries—is hardly a devout Christian. An arist who sells galleries large amounts of very expensive, “limited” edition pieces and then sells cheap open edition versions to big box retailers, is hardly interested in the welfare of his “fellow man”. The only thing being worshipped by Kincaid is the green piece of paper that folds up in your wallet.

Posted by jharking | Report as abusive

Low Blow!! People who shop at Walmart aren’t stupid. They are smart. Whoever brought this up is biased and a jealous, selfish person. What am I like if I shop at Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, the Carter’s outlet, Old Navy, the Dollar Store,, and ebay? People like you usually like to call people names so have at it? OH I forgot, I shop at Goodwill and they always thank me for “putting people to work.” And I love the Salvation Army.

Posted by judypiano | Report as abusive

I bought a TK years ago while going through one of the most difficult and painful illnesses I never knew existed. I was losing my will to live and saw that painting of a lighthouse set above a storming sea. For some reason I felt a renewed sense of hope and it helped me more than I can say. I am better now and still look at it and remember that I can overcome anything. I have never thought to see what it’s value is. It is priceless to me and I think thats what matters. I don’t buy art with the intention of making money on it.
I only buy what I love and no more than I can afford, then I am happy no matter what.

Posted by Overcomer | Report as abusive

I believe no one should take advantage of anyone.
Although, I don’t understand what that has to do with Christianity. Artist give to people what they see and feel in their art.
Isn’t business wheeling and dealing? Making a profit. Example people who invest in franchises take a big loss at times because it is never theirs and always favors the owner of the franchise. 9 out 10 times they will go under if they are not experienced. People have to be wise investors. Isn’t that what free enterprise is? The ordinary person in order to enjoy some of these pieces can’t buy originals and have to settle. You can’t own anything unless you pay. An art gallery is there to make money off of its artist and people who don’t know art that well.I’m sure everyone has that interest in that green piece of paper that folds up in ones wallet because they want to make money. His talent and gifts are all he is obligated to give. We make the choice. I bought paintings from local artist in the Caribbean I don’t care if they are Christian or not. Doesn’t have anything to do with it.
I recently went to a art exhibit by a well known actress. Everyone is looking to make money.
No artist can paint thinking about the almighty dollar first. One will lose the creativity.
Why does an artist have to be interested in his fellow man? He’s given a gift and he puts it out there. That’s his gift to give to his fellowman.

Posted by caroline121212 | Report as abusive

He is/was one of the most obnoxoius, self-centered, fraudulant, money hungry, non-artist of our modern times!! He is/was worse than any incarserated televangelist could ever be!! He “preyed” on people!! His work is/was nothing but “garbage”!! Our “Real Artists”, shuned him for what he is/was!! His distributer did the same. That is when he “DEIFIED” himself and created his “own” company! He was a “nothing artist” until (HORRORS!!) he won the National Park Stamp Print. That is when his SELF-DEIFICATION began! That is when his head started to swell! That is when his egoistically other self started to rear it’s ugly head! Because of that once-in-a-lifetime fame, he began to think of himself as an EQUAL TO ANY DIETY he chose to embrace. If anyone looks at the “CRAP” he is producing and shoving down the throats of “real people who believe in God”, it makes one sick!! He always has and will continue to sit in “his castle with the devils smile on his face, counting the money that he has ‘bilked’ from the Christians throughout the world.” May he NEVER rest in peace!!

Posted by LACY | Report as abusive

The value of art is in the eye of the beholder. I would much rather view a TK piece on my wall than Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Why? I just would rather look at the TK daily that The Scream. I wouldn’t buy a Mondrian, why? Not my taste. If someone invests in art just because they expect it to go up, well, then they’ll likely be sadly disappointed. You can invest in art for the sake of investment, but it really aught to be something you really enjoy looking at. Every TK started out as an original painting. Things didn’t just jump from his brain to the canvas. Regardless of what method he uses to reproduce many copies of the paintings whether they appear on canvas or litho. paper, he painted it first. His paintings are lovely. And some of us would love to view his work on our walls. Yes, we are the same people who return to Disney World year after year. In fact, I love that Snow White one. I wish I had one. Who cares is some paintings are $1200. Plenty of people blow that at casinos on a weekend and have nothing lovely to look at after that!

Posted by SaratogaMom | Report as abusive

I forgot to mention…. I am not a Christian, but I find this Christian bashing here very annoying. Leave the Christians alone to their beliefs. How dare you Christian bashers pass judgement on others!! For Shame. How un-American.

Posted by SaratogaMom | Report as abusive

I hope TK sits up in his castle a long time and its too bad so many people are so obviously jealous.
He gives to others.
Oh by the way, I own one of his beautiful decorated lamps and many, many Christmas Ornaments by him. That’s Christian isn’t it? To hang a beautiful ornament by TK on my tree. Just love it. When people bash as they do they are the ones who don’t act like Christians. I suppose they need some one to take out their problems on. I wonder how much these people who lash out give to their fellow man.

Posted by caroline121212 | Report as abusive

It’s good that there is Freedom of Speech in our beautiful country. I totally agree with SaratogaMom.
Good for you.
I just don’t understand why these bashers don’t just say TK isn’t their taste and leave it at that instead of forcing their opinions on everyone. They can talk till they are blue in the face. Doesn’t matter. No one listens.
TK is such a Great Artist. I’ve been to the Louvre in Paris and have stood in awe in the presence of the art. I feel no different with TK’s art. Keep smilin TK all the way to the bank.

Posted by caroline121212 | Report as abusive

Kincade’s Disney work sold out because it’s Disney, not just because it’s Kincade. I admit the Peter Pan print is impressive, but it’s not my cup of meat. I dislike most of Kincade’s art because it generally seems hollow and unreal to me – especially his early works – neat, tidy, perfect buildings with light glowing in the windows like those plastic holiday villages you can buy at craft stores late in the year. They seem lifeless to me, as though the lights are on, but there is literally nobody home. Since it keeps coming up, incongruously, I’ll add that my favorite artist is Remedios Varo, followed very closely by Maxfield Parrish who, so far as I’m concerned, blows Mr. Kincade out of the Light Painting waters. I make jewelry, some of it quite odd, I write stories, and I am a sketch artist. My father is an artist, and I have been brought up with an appreciation of everything from painting to sculpture to metalwork to architecture. Oh, yes. Another of my favorite artists is Antonio Gaudi. Cliched, I know, but I genuinely love his fantastical, visceral buildings. They make me smile, and remind me of walking into someone else’s dream.

Kat (In my name, and in the names of all my ancestors)

Posted by Personage | Report as abusive

I have always loved Thomas Kincaids’s paintings. I think they’re beautiful and well done. It’s really sad when you’re persecuted for your faith. Jealousy and covetousness will drive people to destroy others. This is all about jealousy and destruction.

Posted by baebae44 | Report as abusive

It seems to me that there are four main reasons why people don’t like Thomas Kincade:
1) He has been quite successful financially in his business
2) His style of artwork doesn’t appeal to them
3) The manner in which his work is produced appears inauthentic to them
4) They have been burned financially due to their business relationship together

It would be a tough case to argue that Thomas Kincade has not been successful in his business. He has made millions. To build up a company and name recognition like he has and to have generated millions of dollars in revenue from scratch is astounding. I challenge anyone to repeat that process if they disagree.

If you happen to like Thomas Kincade’s artwork then great, you have no problem with his sucess. If his style doesn’t appeal to you because you think it’s kitsch, too syrupy sweet, or without substance then the fact that he has been so successful financially is a little dumbfounding and leads one to believe that he must have manipulated people somehow.

As for the way that he produces his work, his “prints” are created with the available technology of the day. I have gone to art school and studied printmaking -relief printing, lithography, intaglio, silkscreen. In their time those were all the high tech ways of producing a series of identical images. I find woodblock printing and intaglio printing more appealing because of the archaic, physical nature of the process, and the visual and physical qualities of the print -the emboss and the way the process informs the character of the image. Therefore giclee prints and canvas transfers are not my cup of tea.

Does it matter if someone else dabs paint on the canvas or if the work is “signed by a machine?” It matters only if that is important to you. Did Thomas Kincade design and produce the original painting before it was recreated in the print? Yes. If someone is buying a print because they think it is an actual painting then that is misleading and material misrepresentation. If they are buying a print with paint dabbed on the surface because it adds to their enjoyment of the piece then so be it. The value of a work of art is determined merely by what others are willing to pay for it.

If someone is disgruntled with Thomas Kincade because of a bad business decision then they really have themselves to blame. No one is forcing an individual into business with Kincade. Investment and business relationships are speculative. You can win and you can lose, and it’s up to you to make the appropriate decision given the terms of the business arrangement.

Am I a Kincade fan? I bet you can tell by looking at my artwork.

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