Comments on: Thomas Kinkade: Bad, not evil A slice of lime in the soda Sun, 26 Oct 2014 19:05:02 +0000 hourly 1 By: noahmakesart Sat, 19 Jun 2010 21:10:22 +0000 It seems to me that there are four main reasons why people don’t like Thomas Kincade:
1) He has been quite successful financially in his business
2) His style of artwork doesn’t appeal to them
3) The manner in which his work is produced appears inauthentic to them
4) They have been burned financially due to their business relationship together

It would be a tough case to argue that Thomas Kincade has not been successful in his business. He has made millions. To build up a company and name recognition like he has and to have generated millions of dollars in revenue from scratch is astounding. I challenge anyone to repeat that process if they disagree.

If you happen to like Thomas Kincade’s artwork then great, you have no problem with his sucess. If his style doesn’t appeal to you because you think it’s kitsch, too syrupy sweet, or without substance then the fact that he has been so successful financially is a little dumbfounding and leads one to believe that he must have manipulated people somehow.

As for the way that he produces his work, his “prints” are created with the available technology of the day. I have gone to art school and studied printmaking -relief printing, lithography, intaglio, silkscreen. In their time those were all the high tech ways of producing a series of identical images. I find woodblock printing and intaglio printing more appealing because of the archaic, physical nature of the process, and the visual and physical qualities of the print -the emboss and the way the process informs the character of the image. Therefore giclee prints and canvas transfers are not my cup of tea.

Does it matter if someone else dabs paint on the canvas or if the work is “signed by a machine?” It matters only if that is important to you. Did Thomas Kincade design and produce the original painting before it was recreated in the print? Yes. If someone is buying a print because they think it is an actual painting then that is misleading and material misrepresentation. If they are buying a print with paint dabbed on the surface because it adds to their enjoyment of the piece then so be it. The value of a work of art is determined merely by what others are willing to pay for it.

If someone is disgruntled with Thomas Kincade because of a bad business decision then they really have themselves to blame. No one is forcing an individual into business with Kincade. Investment and business relationships are speculative. You can win and you can lose, and it’s up to you to make the appropriate decision given the terms of the business arrangement.

Am I a Kincade fan? I bet you can tell by looking at my artwork.

By: baebae44 Sat, 19 Jun 2010 16:41:45 +0000 I have always loved Thomas Kincaids’s paintings. I think they’re beautiful and well done. It’s really sad when you’re persecuted for your faith. Jealousy and covetousness will drive people to destroy others. This is all about jealousy and destruction.

By: Personage Sat, 05 Jun 2010 22:28:10 +0000 Kincade’s Disney work sold out because it’s Disney, not just because it’s Kincade. I admit the Peter Pan print is impressive, but it’s not my cup of meat. I dislike most of Kincade’s art because it generally seems hollow and unreal to me – especially his early works – neat, tidy, perfect buildings with light glowing in the windows like those plastic holiday villages you can buy at craft stores late in the year. They seem lifeless to me, as though the lights are on, but there is literally nobody home. Since it keeps coming up, incongruously, I’ll add that my favorite artist is Remedios Varo, followed very closely by Maxfield Parrish who, so far as I’m concerned, blows Mr. Kincade out of the Light Painting waters. I make jewelry, some of it quite odd, I write stories, and I am a sketch artist. My father is an artist, and I have been brought up with an appreciation of everything from painting to sculpture to metalwork to architecture. Oh, yes. Another of my favorite artists is Antonio Gaudi. Cliched, I know, but I genuinely love his fantastical, visceral buildings. They make me smile, and remind me of walking into someone else’s dream.

Kat (In my name, and in the names of all my ancestors)

By: caroline121212 Fri, 29 Jan 2010 18:30:43 +0000 It’s good that there is Freedom of Speech in our beautiful country. I totally agree with SaratogaMom.
Good for you.
I just don’t understand why these bashers don’t just say TK isn’t their taste and leave it at that instead of forcing their opinions on everyone. They can talk till they are blue in the face. Doesn’t matter. No one listens.
TK is such a Great Artist. I’ve been to the Louvre in Paris and have stood in awe in the presence of the art. I feel no different with TK’s art. Keep smilin TK all the way to the bank.

By: caroline121212 Fri, 29 Jan 2010 16:53:01 +0000 I hope TK sits up in his castle a long time and its too bad so many people are so obviously jealous.
He gives to others.
Oh by the way, I own one of his beautiful decorated lamps and many, many Christmas Ornaments by him. That’s Christian isn’t it? To hang a beautiful ornament by TK on my tree. Just love it. When people bash as they do they are the ones who don’t act like Christians. I suppose they need some one to take out their problems on. I wonder how much these people who lash out give to their fellow man.

By: SaratogaMom Wed, 27 Jan 2010 23:57:43 +0000 I forgot to mention…. I am not a Christian, but I find this Christian bashing here very annoying. Leave the Christians alone to their beliefs. How dare you Christian bashers pass judgement on others!! For Shame. How un-American.

By: SaratogaMom Wed, 27 Jan 2010 23:55:26 +0000 The value of art is in the eye of the beholder. I would much rather view a TK piece on my wall than Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Why? I just would rather look at the TK daily that The Scream. I wouldn’t buy a Mondrian, why? Not my taste. If someone invests in art just because they expect it to go up, well, then they’ll likely be sadly disappointed. You can invest in art for the sake of investment, but it really aught to be something you really enjoy looking at. Every TK started out as an original painting. Things didn’t just jump from his brain to the canvas. Regardless of what method he uses to reproduce many copies of the paintings whether they appear on canvas or litho. paper, he painted it first. His paintings are lovely. And some of us would love to view his work on our walls. Yes, we are the same people who return to Disney World year after year. In fact, I love that Snow White one. I wish I had one. Who cares is some paintings are $1200. Plenty of people blow that at casinos on a weekend and have nothing lovely to look at after that!

By: LACY Wed, 27 Jan 2010 23:19:17 +0000 He is/was one of the most obnoxoius, self-centered, fraudulant, money hungry, non-artist of our modern times!! He is/was worse than any incarserated televangelist could ever be!! He “preyed” on people!! His work is/was nothing but “garbage”!! Our “Real Artists”, shuned him for what he is/was!! His distributer did the same. That is when he “DEIFIED” himself and created his “own” company! He was a “nothing artist” until (HORRORS!!) he won the National Park Stamp Print. That is when his SELF-DEIFICATION began! That is when his head started to swell! That is when his egoistically other self started to rear it’s ugly head! Because of that once-in-a-lifetime fame, he began to think of himself as an EQUAL TO ANY DIETY he chose to embrace. If anyone looks at the “CRAP” he is producing and shoving down the throats of “real people who believe in God”, it makes one sick!! He always has and will continue to sit in “his castle with the devils smile on his face, counting the money that he has ‘bilked’ from the Christians throughout the world.” May he NEVER rest in peace!!

By: caroline121212 Wed, 27 Jan 2010 16:36:13 +0000 I believe no one should take advantage of anyone.
Although, I don’t understand what that has to do with Christianity. Artist give to people what they see and feel in their art.
Isn’t business wheeling and dealing? Making a profit. Example people who invest in franchises take a big loss at times because it is never theirs and always favors the owner of the franchise. 9 out 10 times they will go under if they are not experienced. People have to be wise investors. Isn’t that what free enterprise is? The ordinary person in order to enjoy some of these pieces can’t buy originals and have to settle. You can’t own anything unless you pay. An art gallery is there to make money off of its artist and people who don’t know art that well.I’m sure everyone has that interest in that green piece of paper that folds up in ones wallet because they want to make money. His talent and gifts are all he is obligated to give. We make the choice. I bought paintings from local artist in the Caribbean I don’t care if they are Christian or not. Doesn’t have anything to do with it.
I recently went to a art exhibit by a well known actress. Everyone is looking to make money.
No artist can paint thinking about the almighty dollar first. One will lose the creativity.
Why does an artist have to be interested in his fellow man? He’s given a gift and he puts it out there. That’s his gift to give to his fellowman.

By: Overcomer Wed, 27 Jan 2010 16:27:26 +0000 I bought a TK years ago while going through one of the most difficult and painful illnesses I never knew existed. I was losing my will to live and saw that painting of a lighthouse set above a storming sea. For some reason I felt a renewed sense of hope and it helped me more than I can say. I am better now and still look at it and remember that I can overcome anything. I have never thought to see what it’s value is. It is priceless to me and I think thats what matters. I don’t buy art with the intention of making money on it.
I only buy what I love and no more than I can afford, then I am happy no matter what.