Bond prices finally go online

By Felix Salmon
July 1, 2009

At Reuters, I have access to all manner of bond-pricing information. But you, dear reader, probably don’t. Or didn’t, until now.

Welcome to the Bond Section of the Market Data Center. This section includes general bond market information such as news, benchmark yields, and corporate bond market activity and performance information, descriptive data on U.S. Treasury, Agency, Corporate and Municipal Bonds, Credit Rating Information from major rating agencies, and price information with real-time transaction prices for Corporate Bonds (TRACE), Municipal Bonds (MSRB) and end of day prices for U.S. Treasury Bonds.

Three cheers for Finra for doing this — it’s a great public service. But why are they hosting it at


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FINRA’s TRACE system has been available to the public via their website for a while now on their website, back from the their days as the NASD. The site seems to have been updated today, 7/1, with a more user friendly search box, but you’ve been able to see market activity on a certain CUSIP or issue, and see other issues out there from certain issuers on the corporate, muni and government level for a while… not as fancy/details info as Bloomberg, ovbiously, but it DOES help the general public get recent market action.

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Their press release from the launch (in Fall 2007) didn’t say: es/2007/P036666

Nifty stuff, especially (as with that AIG bond a couple months ago) you can look at a single day’s transactions and see just how well the bond market can shaft you.

WCW – you are absolutely right… you can easily see the large transactions or \”inder-dealer\” transactions (often more on muni bonds, as more retail investors are playing there in the same pool as the big boys)and their pricing vs. the small ones… often LARGE differences in pricing.

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nice link

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That’s very helpful, Felix, thank you.

I don’t know how else to contact you and realize the following is not germane to this topic, but I would be interested in your views on CA’s proposed issuance of IOUs in payment of liabilities and the potential bargaining power this gives the creditor/taxpayer (who might refuse payment in illegal currency and litigate for real money) over the sad state of CA’s budget.

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I second Levi’s comment. This has been available for quite a while now; I think it’s misleading to say bond prices “finally” go online “now.”

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