By Felix Salmon
July 2, 2009


I just found this 1998 photograph of KRM. He’s standing between The Moustache, on the left, who has just taken over as deputy chairman, president and chief operating officer of News Corp for a total first-year comp package which could be more than $40 million; and The Hair, on the right, who was earning about the same when he quit the job. (Stockmasters have earlier and later photos of Carey, which are well worth checking out. He certainly beats Bob Druskin’s ‘tache hands-down — but of course it’s the bald guy in the middle who is probably worth more than everybody else in the photograph combined, including the spectators.)


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Are you honestly putting up this post the day after you went on and on about how Choire was right, and it was important for finance bloggers to be less obscure and more reader-friendly? Are you deliberately parodying yourself? KRM — what does that mean? Who’s Carey? Oh, I guess I can follow the link to find that out — too much trouble to take a couple of words to explain it to the reader. Seriously, this is the definitive “to hell with you if you don’t know what I’m talking about” post.

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Seconded – I’m a regular reader who didn’t need CRA explained and was happy enough with the swap spread explanation link, and is happy to follow links in general. But I’ve followed the links and am still none the wiser about ‘KRM’

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KRM is the bald guy in the middle.

So what’s the rhetorical benefit of writing “I just found this 1998 photograph of KRM” as opposed to “I just found this 1998 photograph of Rupert Murdoch,” when KRM is a reference that’s going to be completely obscure to a sizeable percentage of your American readers? Does it do anything other than say “if you’re not in the know, good luck”?

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Oh, OK, KRM = Keith Rupert Murdoch.

I work for the bugger and I’ve never seen that acronym before, ever.

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