Comments on: Wednesday links exaggerate for effect A slice of lime in the soda Sun, 26 Oct 2014 19:05:02 +0000 hourly 1 By: ahca Fri, 03 Jul 2009 03:29:29 +0000 This is Derik from America. Well, guys, I am operating a little shop for living. Really, I am not a fat cat, just like most ordinary people, doing routine job and running my little business.

But nowadays, time is really hard. Terrible economy crisis made high unemployment and various panic. People intend to keep tight budget and spend less money.

In my community, the most frequently discussed topics all are related to saving money. The websites offering consuming tips and e-coupons are hot and popular.

Trend is very similar in my dress shop, cheap sales stuff catch eyes, people will stop and bargain with me. I need cheaper supplier, but I don’t want to lose quality basis.

I searched around, but could not find the satisfactory wholesale supplier. Most suppliers have quantity limitation, only when reaching the minimum wholesale quantity, can you get attractive wholesale price. But generally speaking, the minimum number is always up to 20 pieces, even up to 100 pieces. I would not like to take large risk for the possible stock in the future.

It was by chance that I finally found my current supplier. And I ran my shop up depending on the cheap and good quality products offered by them. I don’t want to expose my shop name, because I don’t want to post ads.

OK, Let’s go back. I would rather to share my story continually. Well, when it comes to my current supplier, I have so much to say.

Maybe some of you know it, some don’t. Milanoo ( is my supplier.

I want to express thanks to them, since they take me to rich. I order products sourced from Chinese manufactures directly at wholesale price through Milanoo, and no any quantity terms, that is to say, if I just order 2 sets I still can get them at wholesale price! I just sold them out, then the middle profit can feed me well.

Milanoo has very rich collection for me to choose, I never worry my stock, since for each style I just order 2 or 3 pieces. Also all products on are attractive, from my own client’s feedback, I can say they like them.

Actually , I find Milanoo not only provide wholesale price to retailers like me, they even give such price to individual customer. So I directly shared it with my good friends.

Glad to see they really benefit from it. Good look, but little cost.

When I saw depressed faces on the street, I want to do something I can to help. But I don’t have much power or resources, what I have are some my own experience and channels.

So I am thinking I can share Milanoo with your guys, this should be helpful for some of you!

By: Matt Thu, 02 Jul 2009 12:25:25 +0000 The reason Moneyball got such a long eulogy is because it featured Brad Pitt and was directed by Soderberg and yet still couldn’t find a taker. And because its a story that many baseball fans are very excited about. More importantly, a subset of baseball fans (like myself) who are disproportionately passionate (some would say stupidly) about the game and about how evaluation of talent needs to change, to us this book made us rethink baseball.

I don’t know if you are a baseball guy, but you are a wine guy; imagine if someone wrote a book talking about a new winery that had just discovered/created/(reached back to wine growers from ages ago to correctly grow) a new grape that produced this amazing wine but did it just three weeks after bottling so it didn’t need to age (significant less expenditure on cash). That’s what this book does. However, in reality its a poor story for theaters because there isn’t much of a plot. The book is basically a series of essays about people or decisions. I never understood why they ever wanted to make a movie about it myself.

By: bph Thu, 02 Jul 2009 03:29:37 +0000 Did you read, or at least skim, the full investigation of vegan restaurants?

They figure why so many restaurants fail, not just which ones do. It was an pretty good piece of actual journalism. The “bonkers” part is that they did it for free.