Friday links get dusty

By Felix Salmon
July 10, 2009

Voided $2 California IOU selling for $20.50 on eBay

Lithwick on Palin: “when the dust settles, the lesson may be that she was simply a woman who made no sense”

You can dust it, and you can wipe it with a damp cloth” – Thomas Kinkade, selling his art on ShopNBC.

Great graphic: How consumers spend their paychecks

Julian Sanchez demolishes new-economy speak from Umair Haque


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If you dust the Kinkade hard enough with a wet enough cloth, you might wipe the crap painting away and then you’d have a nice clean canvas to admire. Or you could swirl it into a Whistler-like nocturne (but with that touch of light).

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Wow. All I can say about that graph (other than it’s sharp-looking) is what a great example it is of how looking at averages can present some really useless results. (“These people” spend less than $1000/mo for shelter? Wish I knew where they live!)

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