More on Taibbi, Goldman Sachs, and squids

By Felix Salmon
July 13, 2009

(Having Ecto troubles: this is the second time I’ve written a blog entry, clicked “Publish” in Ecto, and then only the headline appears, with the entry body being blank. Anybody know how to fix this?)

So, shorter version of what I just wrote but which now is lost:

(1) Taibbi has cleared up the question whether he’s taking a narrow or a broad view, saying that he used “the rhetorical technique of using a specific example of a specific bank like Goldman to tell a broader story about Wall Street in general”.

(2) This piece was a massive own-goal for Rolling Stone: everybody has read it by now, but only in samizdat form. RS could have gotten a good million pageviews out of this; instead it got a handful of extra single-copy sales.

(3) It’s pretty much impossible now to talk or even think about Goldman without a squid springing to mind — Goldman has lost control of its own image for the first time in living memory. And that alone is quite an achievement for Taibbi.

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Tell me about it.

Tell me about it.

Posted by Me | Report as abusive

Seems like a few bloggers/journos are jealous of his exposure too. Piece was for dummies, but many Sour Grapes from self anointed blogger/journo intelligentsia.

Posted by CarneyRat | Report as abusive

I think you are misrepresenting Taibbi. He said in that blog post you are linking to that Goldman was by far the baddest of the banksters, not that he used them as some kind of generic example.

Posted by Mario | Report as abusive

Don’t know how to fix it, but you can (should?) copy the post to the clipboard (or MS Word) before hitting that ”publish’ key

Which is why I usually write my blog posts (and any extended comments on someone else’s blog) in my word processing program, and then cut-and-paste. Takes a few seconds longer, but a lot safer.

Posted by Donald A. Coffin | Report as abusive

Always Save before hitting Publish in Ecto…

what you’ve lost in rhetorical flourish, you’ve (more than) made up for in succinctness; I wish you’d lose more posts to Ecto! or, at least, provide an Ecto-loss-like (what’d you want to say if you lost your post, but in short form) concise summary ahead of your longer posts :P

Posted by glory | Report as abusive
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