More on Taibbi, Goldman Sachs, and squids

July 13, 2009

(Having Ecto troubles: this is the second time I’ve written a blog entry, clicked “Publish” in Ecto, and then only the headline appears, with the entry body being blank. Anybody know how to fix this?)

So, shorter version of what I just wrote but which now is lost:

(1) Taibbi has cleared up the question whether he’s taking a narrow or a broad view, saying that he used “the rhetorical technique of using a specific example of a specific bank like Goldman to tell a broader story about Wall Street in general”.

(2) This piece was a massive own-goal for Rolling Stone: everybody has read it by now, but only in samizdat form. RS could have gotten a good million pageviews out of this; instead it got a handful of extra single-copy sales.

(3) It’s pretty much impossible now to talk or even think about Goldman without a squid springing to mind — Goldman has lost control of its own image for the first time in living memory. And that alone is quite an achievement for Taibbi.


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