Wednesday links go underwater

July 16, 2009

But who would win a fight between Giant Octopus and Vampire Squid?

Google calls bullshit on newspapers who say they don’t want to be indexed

Judge dismisses Donald Trump’s lawsuit against the NYT’s Tim O’Brien

“Once again, Ben Stein distinguishes himself by how many things he can get seriously wrong in a short column”

Kevin Drum rightly hates on the redesign, including its truncated RSS

“Our report stated women who drink alcohol are more likely to be raped. In fact, the research found the opposite.”

More cracked Kindles (see also)

Harold Meyerson says that Rubin is our McNamara

Two out of three major bond-rating firms now agree: California’s credit grade should begin with a B

Krugman: Government deficits, mainly automatic rather than discretionary, have saved us from a second Great Depression

Robert Reich is worried about Goldman Sachs


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