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By Felix Salmon
July 17, 2009

I’m off to Shanghai tomorrow, so blogging’s going to be light for much of next week. Do let me know if you’re in Shanghai and would like to meet up, or if there’s anything I absolutely must do when I’m there.

Lehman paid out $55 billion to employees in the decade to the end of 2008. You know what shareholders got.

Brad DeLong: “it is entirely fair for outsiders to conclude that academic economics as a profession is useless

Amazon secretly takes Orwell ebooks from Kindles

How does the Daily Show get those video clips? “We have ways of finding footage, and we have techniques that we use.”

Ryan Chittum on Jon Stewart on Jim Cramer on Lenny Dykstra. Be sure to watch the video.

Ars Technica calls me a “finance uberblogger”. Um, thanks!


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“Lehman paid out $55 billion to employees in the decade to the end of 2008. You know what shareholders got.”

I imagine that the creditors of Lehman have extracted far more than $55 billion from the firm over the period. Should this bother me? It doesn’t but neither does the sum received by employees.

The shareholders got a few billions in dividends. If they participated in re-balancing and stock repurchases, they probably got a lot more. In fact, according to the Yahoo adjusted close data, if you bought in 1998 your adjusted close would be about the same. Which means that including splits and dividends, you’d only have lost the decade’s inflation.

“For instance, when guaranteeing home loans, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, America’s giant mortgage companies, could be required to demand higher down-payments as a proportion of the purchase price, the higher house prices are relative to rents.”

That’s from the De Long post. I’m simply pointing this out because it’s been my view, and I haven’t seen it put forward much.

Hi Mr Salmon, I’m a Southeast Asian working in Shanghai and have been following your blog for a while…regarding your trip to Shanghai…

1. Guess your guide/host will show you around in Lujiazui Financial & Trade District, hope you’ll be able to, amidst those skysrappers and construction sites, catch signs of places where those migrant workers live…my office is in walking distance from my apartment and each day I walk past a garbage processing/distribution site…sometimes at night you see guys in shorts taking shower in the open air…no offense to anybody here just i never expected these different worlds would sit side by side and it always got me thinking…

2. If you’re going to meet with local entrepreneurs, hope you’ll be meeting people of different age ranges, some values & perspectives do vary (enough said & written about how Chinese businessmen are like “generally” or “typically”)…

3. Food. if you don’t have plan to other parts of this country in near future, cantonese and nortwestern food would be better try than shanghai cuisine…do let me know if you need recommendation…

4. If your time allows, it’ll be cool to meet up, share and exchange ideas & perpectives on anything other than finance…

Enjoy your trip!

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Hi Felix, Living/working in Shanghai. Let’s meet up,as I’m familiar with the terrain…Regards,Jeff

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