Thursday links spell it out

July 17, 2009

TED on how bankers’ obsession with growth caused the mess we’re currently in. (He doesn’t use the word “mess”.)

Now that’s a cool new Goldman Sachs logo.

Denton: “They take the slickest lofts, the hottest gold-diggers – and leave us with the bill. It’s time for Goldman to pay.”

A violated neckline and retested right shoulder, check, but is there such a thing as two right shoulders?

A sensible proposal for how HuffPo might pay some of its bloggers a relatively modest amount of money, occasionally

Jim Cramer is now an internet hack shill

Taibbi on Goldman’s earnings: Possibly even better than his Rolling Stone piece. (But no squid, unfortunately.)

Treasury should hire James Kwak to explain the CFPA. He does a much better job than they’re doing.

Which unemployment numbers to look at? And how much of the pain is being borne by men?

Is there anything in the WSJ’s econoblogosphere article which couldn’t have been written a year ago?

Ben Goldacre on why the Telegraph’s rape correction is insufficient

Choire eviscerates the NY Post’s idiotic story on the healthcare surcharge

Bailing out CIT would benefit strip-and-flips, not mom-and-pops

“Cabernet costs more than any other wine, even if it tastes like a dead seagull spewing maggots

Yet more wars between US and Antiguan authorities over Stanford. Lawyers always win.


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