Monday links only think that they’re interesting

By Felix Salmon
July 20, 2009

Gladwell on overconfidence: a reprise of his May speech.

  “Greg Mankiw is just about the least interesting economics blogger out there.”  

Pepper spray in ATMs — what could possibly go wrong?

The decline of Google, Barbie edition

“Two of my friends vehemently declared the rice not al dente enough, which caused me to become irate.”

The cost of parking in cities around the world. Interesting utter lack of correlation between daily and montly rates.


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Would you say that pepper spray-equipped ATMs are a form of ATM financial innovation that you don’t approve of?

Posted by Guan Yang | Report as abusive

Mankiw is a conniving, disingenuous, political hack. He should not rightly be called an econ blogger. I can’t remember the last time he wrote something intellectually honest.

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From http://edupreneursvkleptobankers.wordpre

“Canonical research findings suggest that American entrepreneurs who establish popular online markets for customized education will catalyze the creation of many good jobs in America, and will end the reign of America‚Äôs kleptobankers. Some of the researchers: Clayton Christensen, Paul Romer and Paul Krugman.”

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I could less about Greg Mankiw. I’m now obsessed with Google’s “radically decentralized” Barbie algorithm.

Mankiw is a political hack, but he is better on that account than Krugman. Care to skewer him?

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