Elizabeth Warren returns to blogging

By Felix Salmon
July 21, 2009

Congratulations to the Baseline Scenario chaps for getting Elizabeth Warren to blog for them — she’s provided a good riposte to those who argue against the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

Before Warren became head of the Congressional Oversight Panel, she was a frequent contributor to CreditSlips. It would be great if she started up there again, since there’s obviously nothing preventing her from blogging, and since she equally obviously has a lot to say on this kind of thing. And really, the head of the CFPA (Warren is the obvious prime candidate for the job) should be blogging.


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You are right on target. She is the only game in town, and the country digs the action.

Ms. Warren is dissmissed by the “Real” finance guys in the world because she is an “Academic” and doesn’t play in the real world. This has been going on sice she started at COP. I have seen criticism of her in several places but not out right bashing. I think they are being careful just in case she does end up with real power. Currently at COP, she has no power. She is in a “Blue Ribbon” panel. My political science proffessor in college told us if we wanted to delay or kill a project. had it over to a “Blue Ribbon Panel” and it would die a slow death.

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I doubt that I am the only one Elizabeth Warren has touched with her straight, honest talk on issues that truly impact the majority of everyday Americans. As someone in his 60\’s I am consumed with a political passion I have never experienced in the past. This voice of reason and reality about how this country is run is what our nation needs. I don\’t know how to start a campaign to see her in a higher (elected/appointed) position but am willing to crawl over broken glass to have her voice reach a larger audience. Warren in 2012!!

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