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By: Dan Tue, 28 Jul 2009 04:55:36 +0000 If I had to venture a guess, I might suggest that it comes down to cost of capital. Cost of capital is surely linked closely with the cost to form new companies.

In countries where cost of capital is high, growth is slow, and existing companies which can generate their own capital to invest are favored. This is good for shareholders in existing companies. New companies do not form or grow easily in this climate and competition is less.

In countries where cost of capital is low, growth is fast, and at the same new companies are constantly forming and challenging the profitability of existing firms.

Bureaucratic or political resistance to new businesses (corruption…) is surely another factor. Carlos Slim in Mexico realised stock market wealth on par with Buffett due in no small part to a convenient lack of competition in Latin American business. His stocks grew terrifically, but the surrounding economies barely did.

By: Dan Tue, 28 Jul 2009 04:29:50 +0000 One very prominent example over the last 20 years:

Brazil, with very modest growth, has had terrific stock returns. China, with incredible growth, has had modest stock returns.

By: Shaw Mon, 27 Jul 2009 18:30:56 +0000 So Chris Mealy had just posted his sentiment that we all review the academic paper titled, “Economic Growth and Equity Returns.” by Jay R. Ritter, University of Florida.

The summary of the paper is below:
“It is widely believed that economic growth is good for stockholders. However, the cross-country correlation of real stock returns and per capita GDP growth over 1900-2002 is negative. Economic growth occurs from high personal savings rates and increased labor force participation, and from technological change. If increases in capital and labor inputs go into new corporations, these do not boost the present value of dividends on existing corporations. Technological change does not increase profits unless firms have lasting monopolies, a condition that rarely occurs. Countries with high growth potential do not offer good equity investment opportunities unless valuations are low.”

The regression analysis is with merit and should warrant your attention.

So my problem is why does IRonman go off on some rant about undue Governmental control.

By: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 16:45:48 +0000 completely worthless article; this sort of information often appears after a rally has been taken place
disclose: not short the market yet at this point

By: Ironman Mon, 27 Jul 2009 15:13:56 +0000 Felix: One source, perhaps more recently updated, is the 2005 Global Investment Returns Yearbook.

If I may, since Zweig is wrong, here are the dynamics involved for the observed outcome. Nations with low levels of real economic growth tend to grow more slowly because of constraints placed upon their economies by their governments. Those same governments also tend to favor certain players within their economies, acting to protect them from wider competition than they might see in nation’s with greater economic freedom.

This institutionalized favoritism then leads the favored companies in these nations to faster profit growth than would be seen in companies within nations with greater economic freedom.

Since those profits are then distributed to the favored companies’ shareholders through dividends, the comparatively faster rate of growth of those dividends per share lead to the faster growth rate of share prices. And that is why stock market returns in these nations outpace those with greater rates of economic growth.

In simpler terms, it’s because the fix is in.

By: Tim Mon, 27 Jul 2009 13:37:10 +0000 Elroy et al. published a book ( html) some years ago that covers 101 years of returns. Could be in there somewhere.

By: chrismealy Mon, 27 Jul 2009 06:53:13 +0000 (I posted the chart on my blog -cant-find-my-money.html)

Max, I love your definition of risk: not volatility, and more of it gives you more return except when it doesn’t. No really. There are worse definitions.

By: Max Mon, 27 Jul 2009 06:51:05 +0000 A basic point – markets operate on feedback. High returns in one period lead to more investment and lower yields, which lowers returns in the next period. So high returns can’t be sustained regardless of growth rate.