Tuesday links are rather extreme

By Felix Salmon
July 29, 2009

Firefighter shoots a gun at a cyclist’s head to teach him a lesson about riding on the street in daylight?!

Does Rupert know he owns something called Dow Jones PR & Corporate Communications Solutions?

Great moments in democracy, California edition

How PNC credited Solomon Dwek with $25 million just on his own say-so

Sometimes, IT blackmail works on big investment banks

The upgrade is silly given yesterday’s price rise. But on the other hand, Barclays couldn’t keep it underweight.

Rose Art Museum overseers file lawsuit in effort to stop Brandeis/in-house looting


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That fireman’s a regular William Tell! Seriously, 90%+ of shooters would have blown that cyclist’s head clean off.

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I find nothing extremely brilliant in California’s problem-solving capabilities.

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As a resident of Santa Cruz, I can say that the woman in the video is not alone in regaling the city council with her particular kind of brilliance. Local governance requires a degree of patience far beyond me.

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That’s odd…Asheville seems to have a laid-back style. That’ll soon be an ex-firefighter who fired that shot.

I’m buying the biggest helmet to be found…Dallas drivers scare the crap out of me. No one will shoot, but just run me over.

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Good thing race wasn’t involved in the Asheville shooting because then “the defenders of the white race” – a phrase I think should be trademarked or at least copyrighted – would find some way to excuse it.

Did you see the person telling his GOP Congressman to keep government’s hands off his Medicare? Mel Brooks caught it best in Blazing Saddles when Olson Johnson says,”Not only was it authentic frontier gibberish, but it expressed a courage that is little seen in this day and age.”

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Perhaps that cyclist could follow Brooks’ advice: “now turn to the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and Duck !”

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