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By Felix Salmon
July 31, 2009

I don’t think that “laughably simple” means what you think it means, Mr Hume

Goldmanites: Good to each other, bad to everybody else

I have a Kindle, and I like it, and I also really liked Nicholson Baker’s take-down of it.

We prefer advice from a confident source, even to the point that we are willing to forgive a poor track record.”

Always call a coin to land in the position it started in

Curse you, birch pollen!

Heidi Moore delivers 2000 words on the culture of Goldman Sachs, under the hed “Will Everyone Please Shut Up About Goldman Sachs?

I’m sure there’s no shortage of qualified people willing to do this for free, or very little money. Why not use them?

Behavioural Economics 101: What to do with the olive pits

Merciless WSJ takedown of… cheap Australian Chardonnay?

The “theory of local truth” as explained by a Chinese Internet censor


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People speak about difficulty within the domain of their expertise. To a programmer, using the APIs to scrape articles and search them *is* “laughably simple”.

Regarding the Heidi Moore article, isn’t it strange that the ‘Goldman culture’ that is supposedly their huge advantage, sounds amazingly like a socialist styled company. Ideas and arguments being open and shared, not quashed and ignored; monies being spread around instead of hoarded; pride in ‘the system’ over individuality… if true, then crazed neo-cons beware – your great champions of capitalism are Commies! HAHAHAHAHA! Wonder how that will go over if anyone reads this…?

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