Dr Setser goes to Washington

By Felix Salmon
August 4, 2009

Many congratulations to Brad Setser, who is now back where his heart lies — in the policy thick of things, in Washington DC. We in the blogosphere are sad about this, because it means Brad’s excellent blog is coming to an end: while Brad managed to persuade Sebastian Mallaby that a blog wouldn’t hurt the CFR, he clearly failed (or never even tried) to persuade Larry Summers that a blog wouldn’t hurt the NEC.

Brad was instrumental in my becoming a full-time blogger, and for that I’ll be eternally thankful. And there’s another upside to Brad taking this job: now I get to blame Larry Summers when I realize I haven’t seen Brad in ages, rather than just blaming our own general crapness at ever managing to meet up.

So good luck working with Larry, Brad — although after having done so already at Treasury, and RGE Monitor, you definitely know what you’re letting yourself in for. Me, I’m just wondering what took him so long in offering you the job.

This blog entry was edited slightly after it was posted, at the request of Brad Setser.


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Setser is a tool used by his minders to massage, extrapolate data to add obsfucation in order to please his minders. No wonder fatass Larry hired him

Posted by Mark G. | Report as abusive

I agree with Mark G. This appointment is enormously disappointing.

Posted by Catherine | Report as abusive

No offense, but it was the best blog: focused, informative, illuminating.

Posted by jonathan | Report as abusive

Brad Setser would have been a welcome addition to my court. So welcome that he would not even have required the normal physical modifications.

Posted by Kangxi | Report as abusive

He’s a great compiler and analyzer of data.

Unfortunately, not really great at understanding the modern monetary system. This isn’t ideal when attempting to explain the cause of international financial flows.

Posted by anon | Report as abusive

Stetser works for the financial oligarchy. When the revolution comes his loyalty will be remembered.

Posted by gabe | Report as abusive