Monday links get taken for a ride

August 4, 2009

Why you don’t actually get compensated for taking on extra equity risk:

In the world’s 12 most valuable companies there are 3 banks. Two are Chinese; the other is Hongkong and Shanghai.

“There are several things I love to do on the Vineyard. The first is ride my tricycle. I have two adult tricycles…”

Harvard goes trademark-bonkers

Lots of geektastic detail on “latency arbitrage” — which is a much better name than “high-frequency trading”

TED spread now <30bp for the first time since March 2007

Big Wall Street firms view SEC fines the way UPS and FedEx view parking tickets in Manhattan

Bloomberg’s MTA wishlist is full of goodies. Pity none of it is going to happen.

Hugo Lindgren invents the Hot Waitress Index — no sympathy for the fembots!

Sarah Wildman on how insurers never pay for pregnancy (and please, WPNI, give me a single-page option!)

Charlie Rose hypocrisy alert: he says GE doesn’t control NBC content, while brokering deals to do just that

Most “abandoned” cities

Cognitive dissonance, Temasek edition

Andrew Hall is back in the news, so I might as well disinter an April blog entry: Citigroup can’t keep Phibro

NYT tries and fails to work out how on earth Annie Leibovitz ended up $24m in the hole

Cute interactive how-people-spend-their-day chart

Anil Dash delivers 2,271 words on how Apple should give up its culture of secrecy

Two early bids for the Boston Globe, one would turn it into a nonprofit.

Hubristic datapoint of the day: Trader Monthly thinks it’s worth more than $0


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