Wednesday links slide downwards

August 6, 2009

Fantastic post from Mike Konczal on community banking: note the chart where higher-rated borrowers underperform.

BNP Paribas worries that “many of our rivals, notably in the United States” are ignoring G20 bonus rules

Why paying more unemployment benefits doesn’t have any visible effect on the unemployment rate

Me, on Canadian television. The one-on-ones are OK, it’s the cacophony of most financial TV which I hate.

Goldman’s $100m+ trading days are like Barry Bonds’s home runs. Goldman must be juicing!

Elfenbein (& Zweig) 1-0 Siegel

Hope they keep the public editor!

Ryan Avent is not particularly fond of Glaeser’s take on high-speed rail

The joys of sliding down an upwards-sloping yield curve

Sam Sifton is the new NYT food critic: A great choice. I remember his old reviews in the NY Press.

Was The Joker a socialist? I’m having image/caption disconnect issues here.


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