Scary billboard of the day

August 10, 2009

My commute this morning took me in a car down the West Side Highway, instead of on a bike up 8th Ave. And so I was confronted with this enormous billboard, which lives above Fairway at about 138th Street:


How long has it been there? And is there really a chance of seeing Jim Cramer mauled by a Grizzly? I’d tune in for that.

Incidentally, that stretch of the highway was quite congested; we found out why a few minutes later, when we saw a guy in a rather offensive costume standing by the side of the road and advertising his YouTube channel. The minute that we passed him, traffic sped up markedly. It was a classic case of one person imposing enormous negative externalities for the sake of minuscule personal gain: a good couple of miles of backed-up traffic in three lanes, all for the sake of a handful of pageviews on YouTube. At least traffic doesn’t slow down when it approaches the CNBC billboard.


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