Monday links don’t know what they want

August 11, 2009
Just snap a picture.

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“When two companies love each other very much, they form a structured investment vehicle.”

Citigroup says it has “no plans” to increase its newly-implemented $0 “reinstatement fee”. Yeah, right.

“For a pedestrian to complain about cyclists is to misunderstand all the main sources of imbalance in the sharing of the road.”

“Taibbi was the first to write for people who didn’t know they wanted to read thousands of words on Goldman Sachs.”

Matt Taibbi wins $500 “and a bottle of union-made wine” for his Goldman Sachs story

Was buying Merrill good for BofA after all? Dick Bove thinks so.

Bank will let customers deposit checks with their iPhones. Just snap a picture.

Comparing Murdoch’s plan to switch to paid model to the failure of Sirius to convert radio to paid

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