Tuesday links are awesome

By Felix Salmon
August 12, 2009
Infighting at Atticus?

How to eradicate malaria (PDF)

The Awesome Foundation

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Infighting at Atticus?

How to eradicate malaria (PDF)

The Awesome Foundation

Nate Silver, econometrician arguing why we won’t see 10% unemployment

Epic puns thread

CR nerds out on household survey vs payroll survey, and how that applies to the “mancession”

Josh Rosenau on Ben Stein

Biking: Not safe. Shame.


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I would never admit knowing KFC existed.

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Dear Felix

Dow Jones Industrial Average Rating

Do we know, how many of 30 of the largest and most widely held public companies in the USA referring Dow Jones Index has a „AAA“-Rating?
I mean, how is the development of the ratings of the 30 Companies of Dow Jones Index since the beginning of the crisis?

Best Regards from Zurich


blast from the past (Beatles edition):

By March 1968 a design consultant had to be hired to stop the Apple Boutique (part of Merchandising) from a perilous loss of revenue; by July the Boutique was shut down entirely. By May, when John and Paul traveled to the US to publicize their company, they’d also opened

Apple Foundation for the Arts,

a no-questions-asked agency designed to fund and support artistic ideas—another drain on resources, and ultimately another failure. By November 1968, the Apple Films division closed, having produced no films. This was accompanied by the resignation of Apple accountant Stephen Maltz, who tried to warn the Beatles that Apple was showing every sign of being (you’ll pardon me here) rotten to the Corps—unaccounted spending and poor (or nonexistent) management contributing to its predicted demise, as was employee theft of money and equipment. All this botheration must have been a terrific burden for the Beatles, who had spent much of that year writing, and later recording, The White Album. No wonder “Not Guilty” reflected George’s angst! But as no litigation had yet been filed, it’s open to question whether such action had been threatened against the Beatles (individually or together) or whether it was just a handy lyrical metaphor.

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Popeyes > KFC

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One of your links (the bike one) is to a person who just copied something out of Wikipedia? Sheesh.

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