Wednesday links reverse their Polish

By Felix Salmon
August 13, 2009
to the HP 12-C

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This seems like a lot of work to find out which bloggers make reliably good predictions. In reality, none of them do.

A touching love letter to the HP 12-C

What would have happened to innovation had Apple won the market-share wars of the early 1990s?

The government subsidy for Goldman execs’ healthcare works out at $14,777 apiece

Is August a bit slow for you this year? Then may I suggest you read 8,500 words on The Beatles: Rock Band? Yes? No?

“Economists did better than predict the crisis. We correctly predicted that we would not be able to predict it.” Hm.

Ryan Avent is really, really not fond of Ed Glaeser’s HSR series. Really.

The quiet revolt against heirloom tomatoes

TMFTML lives! Three cheers for Alex Balk! And go read this now!

Pirates sail cargo ship through English Channel?!


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No really… wouldn’t Messers Hewlett and Packard be somewhat aggrieved at what happened to their wonderful company? Their collective souls sold for a mess of inkjets…

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alex….u have to much time on ur hands…why dont u get ur facts straight first….and why would u publish someone’s private street address? very unprofessional.

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I have an HP-12C sitting on my desk. It is like a child’s teddy bear to me and like The Velveteen Rabbit it has been touched (loved?) so much it must now be real, whatever that means for a calculator. (Dreaming of Pi, perhaps?)

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