Friday links dress up

By Felix Salmon
August 15, 2009
wear a tie?

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Vikram Pandit stabbed on CNBC

The WSJ’s cool bank-failure animation

You’re Paul Krugman, ferchrissakes. You think MSNBC won’t invite you back if you don’t wear a tie?

Jaw-dropping reporting on Fiji Water by Anna Lenzer in Mother Jones. Don’t miss.

This dress has been marked down by 91%! It must be a steal! Even if it’s fugly and $2,499

Amy Wicks says initial bids for BusinessWeek could be more than $35m, and then drop in subsequent rounds

What is it with Bloomberg’s Singapore bureau and uncritical interviews with investors talking their book?

Meredith Whitney is now a broker-dealer?!  

Annals of bonkers car-friendly policemen, part 451

You get drunk, you kill a pedestrian with your car, and you get…suspended for a season?


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Erin is just “doing that voodoo that you do so welll”

It’s Hedley…

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Hey Felix,

Check this out:

“August 3rd, 2009
Why do community banks oppose the CFPA?

“The question is, how do we persuade the community bankers themselves of this? How can we turn their fear into greed? Because they could make the difference between the CFPA coming into existence and it dying a death in committee somewhere.”

August 3rd, 2009
7:36 pm GMT

Fund the CFPA by a tax on bank size, and make it progressive.
- Posted by Don the libertarian Democrat

From The Atlantic:

“Aug 14 2009, 1:53 pm by Daniel Indiviglio
Big Banks Should Pay For New Regulation

“Bloomberg is reporting that the Obama administration is considering paying for their proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) by imposing new fees on big banks…”

Regulation generally gives larger firms a competitive advantage. Big banks will have an easier time putting regulation into place, given their sophistication. They also have more money to pay for the costs involved in implementing new regulatory requirements. As a result, regulation tends to put smaller firms at a disadvantage.

What this plan would do, however, is reduce that disadvantage. Big banks would be subject to additional regulatory fees to their increases costs, small banks would not. Those even higher costs should make it more difficult for big banks to achieve a competitive advantage over small ones due to the regulation.”

Do I get any credit?

Zactly with that NFL suspension. How is it that Vick goes to prison for dog fighting, but Stallworth gets a slap on the wrist. Not saying Vick didn’t get what he deserved. Just saying that Stallworth isn’t getting anything close to what he deserves.

A good friend said it best, “If I ever get in big trouble, I’m calling Stallworth’s attorney!”

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