Friday links dress up

August 15, 2009
wear a tie?

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Vikram Pandit stabbed on CNBC

The WSJ’s cool bank-failure animation

You’re Paul Krugman, ferchrissakes. You think MSNBC won’t invite you back if you don’t wear a tie?

Jaw-dropping reporting on Fiji Water by Anna Lenzer in Mother Jones. Don’t miss.

This dress has been marked down by 91%! It must be a steal! Even if it’s fugly and $2,499

Amy Wicks says initial bids for BusinessWeek could be more than $35m, and then drop in subsequent rounds

What is it with Bloomberg’s Singapore bureau and uncritical interviews with investors talking their book?

Meredith Whitney is now a broker-dealer?!  

Annals of bonkers car-friendly policemen, part 451

You get drunk, you kill a pedestrian with your car, and you get…suspended for a season?


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