Monday links are mostly revealing

By Felix Salmon
August 17, 2009
Brad DeLong is much better at Felix Salmon blogging than Felix Salmon is

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I had fun on Canadian TV this afternoon hitting back at John Carney on bonuses

Gillian Tett on why bank ‘living wills’ aren’t going to happen

Entomophagy is the future!

Elizabeth Warren’s co-blogger Adam Levitin explains why the CFPA is necessary (PDF)

James Kwak (ex-McKinsey) on management consultants and photocopying client presentations

EC’s new short-selling proposal – it’s basically what the exchanges want

Anatomy of a newspaper correction

NYT’s Harris: “I have not yet chased down the reason why” the NYT doesn’t share its statistics with the public

Why we all need a nap around 4pm

The Daily Show discovers how to tranche the anal chastity default swap

Brad DeLong is much better at Felix Salmon blogging than Felix Salmon is

Pity the NYT didn’t push the FT on whether anybody’s actually paying $4,138 a year for its China newsletter

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