Debating financial innovation

By Felix Salmon
August 18, 2009

I’m featured on yesterday’s Planet Money podcast, along with Mike Konczal and Tyler Cowen. I think they give me a fair amount of time to make my points, even though they cut the conversation down from well over an hour to just 25 minutes or so, including a lot of their own background and exegesis. In any case, if you prefer your Felix in audio format, here you are!

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For the life of me how can your opinion be of any value, you have never set foot in the world of finance. Sure you’ve played from the journalist sideline, but after reading your smut piece on the Gaussian copula, you have absolutely zero understanding of finance.

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“… you have absolutely zero understanding of finance.”

That’s what gives his opinion value… He is as qualified as most of the Fed and Treasury Department.

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