Metaphor watch, Buffett edition

By Felix Salmon
August 19, 2009
Warren Buffett sure does love his metaphors. Here he is talking about mistakes being made in economic policy during the crisis:

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Warren Buffett sure does love his metaphors. Here he is talking about mistakes being made in economic policy during the crisis:

How could it have been otherwise when supposedly indestructible pillars of our economic structure were tumbling all around them? A meltdown, though, was avoided, with a gusher of federal money playing an essential role in the rescue.

The United States economy is now out of the emergency room and appears to be on a slow path to recovery.

I count seven metaphors in three sentences here: the tumbling-yet-supposedly-indestructible pillars (architecture); the meltdown (nuclear power); the gusher (um, oil drilling?); the playing of a role (theatre); the rescue (although maybe “rescue” is at this point so ubiquitous as to no longer be metaphorical); the emergency-room-and-recovery (healthcare); and the slow path (walking, I guess).

Buffett still can’t lay a finger on Bill Gross, though, who once went so far as to explain how “the pyramid begins to unravel”. Why is it that financial-sector billionaires seem to be unwilling or unable to be edited?

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No sexual metaphors this time though. Those are usually a Buffett trademark.

What an about-face for Buffett! Whereas a year ago he was very long-term optimistic, he is now ill-at-ease with the direction of government.

He went from talking about how America’s best days lie ahead, to a possible future as a banana republic.

Does anyone see any chance of federal deficits coming under control absent Adam Smith’s invisible brass knuckled fist?

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

I see a chance, albeit a super slim one it’s a chance nonetheless. Seems that too many congressmen are beholden to all the interests, left and/or right. IE, if memory serves most Wall St firms (IB, hedge funds) on balance contributed more to the Democrat presidential campaigns last year.

Might just live to see Thomas Jefferson’s quotation be tested…about the tree of liberty and what-not

Posted by Griff | Report as abusive
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