Henry Blodget allows embedded content

By Felix Salmon
August 20, 2009

Well done to Henry Blodget, who is now allowing anybody to republish his content for free, by embedding posts from his site. Like this:

This is a great idea, and something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Bloggers want their stuff read by as many people as possible, and there’s no need to force your readers to come to your own site before your readers can do that.

Henry, by doing this, is allowing his most engaged readers to pick and choose their favorite articles and put them on their own sites — it’s free advertising for him, it gives him reach to a large number of readers he otherwise wouldn’t have, and it shows a real embrace of the medium, and a desire to reach readers in the manner most convenient for them. All of that is a great way of building a business.

There’s been talk of publishers doing something like this for some time, often with ads embedded along with the copy, but this is much simpler and easier, with no embedded ads (except of course for the prominent branding for Henry’s own site). I hope it’s a great success, and widely copied.


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Good, now you can’t take Joe Weisenthal out of context.

Posted by Dan Daoust | Report as abusive

Hmmmm… looks to me like the only problem is that it doesn’t show up via RSS.

Posted by Mitch | Report as abusive

That’s nice that someone is finally getting with it in cyber-media, I just wish it wasn’t such a Cramer-esque blow-hard like Blodgett. The man is an arrogant moron and – if not for an overly accommodating SEC – a criminal. It’s amazing you would merrily trash a meek nobody like Ben Stein and give this clown a pass, who actually was a very powerful money man before his disgrace. I think it’s important that you mention things like that or really risk losing your credibility.

You really have been moving down the ladder the last couple of weeks… maybe you need a vacation.

Posted by Antagonist | Report as abusive

So now we can republish their whole post, which so often is just mostly a cut and paste rip off of another site that originated the story.


I’m so tired of sites like that that appropriate the work of others.

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Reuters allows this, too.