Monday links have it both ways

By Felix Salmon
August 24, 2009

Krugman’s latest graph of U.S income inequality is fairly eye-popping

Noether’s theorem says a conservation law is a consequence of invariance, but in Santa Fe it’s the other way around

A $3 wine at Safeway: “how can it be any good?” A $3 wine at Trader Joe’s: “how bad can it be?”

The KFC Doubledown? Yes, it’s real. And 1,228 calories.

Does having an MBA or CFA lead to superior portfolio performance? CFA – yes, MBA – no

Larry Lessig’s blog is retired.


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Glad to read that CFAs add value – just passed level 2

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Nobody likes KFC. Why do keep reminding us of its existence?
O.K., if it eases your mind, we’ll wash it down with $3 Safeway wine.

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there are countries — which for the sake of defending my own supply from you lot i shall not name — where perfectly good wines can be had for between 1.5 and 3 euros a bottle; hint: it’s not france

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Well, I have just learned that I passed the level 2 CFA exam in June too. Since I already have a MBA (even a Post MBA) in Finance, I can tell the difference. The MBA is more focused on corporate finance than financial markets, but a M.Sc. in Finance could be just as focused, with more advanced mathematics and economics. I also have two M.Sc., one in Mathematics and one in Economics, and an Accounting designation, a CMA, and I can say that the CFA covers the material that you absolutely need to know in Finance in order to apply it to financial markets, just like professional training programs in Accounting do for the Accounting subject matter, with a modicum of speculative theory about issues where there is still disaggreement among experts.

Posted by Jean-Victor Côté | Report as abusive

Rolfe Winkler has the CFA.. next time the commentary group huddles around the water cooler, ask him how hard lvl2 is… RESPECT those CFAs

may not be the rich, or the best business people but can’t deny they are smart!

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