Felix Salmon

Metaphor watch, Buffett edition

Warren Buffett sure does love his metaphors. Here he is talking about mistakes being made in economic policy during the crisis:

The economics of tattoos

Drewbie left me a comment this morning talking about people interviewing for jobs and not getting them, just because they had visible tattoos. I can well believe it. But at the same time, precisely because of this discrimination, I tend to both expect and receive much better service from people with visible tattoos. (Update: Thanks to Sebastian, in the comments, for spelling out the logic here.)

Annals of laundering, Sheryl Weinstein edition

This isn’t the first time that Bernie Madoff’s lover has tried to make money by taking dirty laundry and printing it:

The economics of second-hand bikes

If Robin Goldstein went to the trouble of collecting 700 datapoints off Craigslist for a single blog entry, I thought the least I could do was turn it into a pretty scatterchart for him:

Enough with the ties already

I’m with the CEO in this story, and the anonymous female friend: never wear a tie to a job interview at a startup. And in general, don’t wear a tie to a job interview where you won’t be wearing a tie day-to-day.

UBS: Where will the other 5,550 names come from?

The UBS numbers, as reported by the WSJ, don’t make a lot of sense to me:

UBS AG will hand over some 4,450 names of U.S. account holders as part of a U.S.-Swiss tax-evasion settlement and investigation that could produce in total 10,000 account identities, according to people familiar with the situation…

Tuesday links aim high

Ed Fay, smug-faced and self-defeating Daily News exec, and his idiotic driving habits

Do TIPS ETFs make sense?

It’s quite clear that Pimco is talking its book when it says that active management makes more sense than indexing if you’re buying TIPS. On the other hand, Pimco’s arguments are quite compelling — more compelling, indeed, than counterarguments which don’t really address what Pimco says and instead fall back to the standard passive-investing-is-always-better approach.

Foreclosure datapoint of the day

We knew that medical costs can lead to foreclosure. But it turns out it works the other way round too: