Late links, September 9

By Felix Salmon
September 9, 2009

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The Economist’s new CEO arrived in 2008 and said he wanted to triple profit in five years. Guess some media isn’t dying. (Campaign Live)

My BNN hit. Watch me say the word “screwing” on national TV! (BNN)

Kevin Drum nails it: killing overdraft fees doesn’t hurt banks, it just forces them to compete transparently. (Mother Jones)

Chase Carey, twirling his moustaches, cackles as he thinks of how he’ll talk the whole world into charging for content (Bloomberg)

IPOs are like weddings: overpriced ‘cos they only happen once. Therefore bankers make loads of money. (The Atlantic)

The worst lede in the history of sports journalism? (OC Register)

Okay, Who Is Behind This Recession 101 Campaign? (New York)

Tomorrow’s testimony from Jim Rickards (Basis Point)

The ICI opposes compulsory floating NAV on money-market funds. Fair enough, but it still ought to be more common. (ICI)

Has Steve Jobs gained any weight at all? (gdgt)

Chicago Sun-Times cuts non-union employees’ pay by 8% — or 11% if they make over $100K. (Windy Citizen)

Salon’s losses over its life are now $102M. That’s more than Portfolio! (BNET)

We’re Deleveraging! (YouTube)

A new museum exhibition strategy: one painting (Artnet)

How can James Patterson publish 17 books between now and 2012? (Publishers Weekly)

Love the way this story kicks off by quoting “the bridge’s Twitter feed” (NYT)

I like the idea of flipping a coin, after the meal, to see who pays the bill. (Economists Do It With Models)

Don’t steal bikes, bro! (Gothamist)

Does the placebo effect even exist? Or is it getting stronger? (NYT, Wired)

Simon Johnson reads between the lines of G20 communiques (Baseline Scenario)

It’s rare to find intelligent commentary on Google Books, so kudos to James Boyle, who’s smart and subtle. (FT)

Alexandra Jacobs goes deep inside Zappos, and lives to tell the tale (New Yorker)


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“Has Steve Jobs gained any weight at all? ”

One liver’s worth.

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You’re not a rockstar ’til UBMG comes a knockin’.

Mazal Tov.

I rarely if ever see blog entries linking to a Salon story. It’s surprising how they squandered any sort of first-mover advantage, given their venerable age (President Clinton gave Salon a shout-out during his impeachment scandal). Maybe the magazine format is just fatally flawed, although Slate seems to be holding its own.

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I actually quoted a tweet in a research paper this semester. Needless to say, that one wasn’t in the Harvard Style Guide.

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