Late links, September 10

September 10, 2009
Al Jazeera, Part 1 here)

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Congo-Brazzaville spent over $6 million lobbying for an anti-vulture-fund act in DC, after losing to Elliott Associates. A rare example of vulture-fund-friendly investigative reporting. (Al Jazeera, Part 1 here)

Bloomberg is the front-runner to buy BusinessWeek?! (NY Post)

How much would you pay for a shorter commute? (Streetsblog)

Vanity Fair has 6,400 words on TARP (VF)

A better healthcare reform flowchart (Donkeylicious)

“Capitalism never tried to touch god, it was all about touching satan.” (Artnet)

New details on Steve Brill’s pay-for-news firm, Journalism Online, including what they’re charging clients (Nieman)

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