Late links, September 11

September 11, 2009
Market Folly)

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David Einhorn is short both Moody’s and McGraw-Hill, S&P’s parent. NB Buffett is selling down his Moody’s stake. (Market Folly)

Pictures of the amazing Wells Fargo party house (Clusterstock, ibid )

“By trying to help dolphins, groups like Greenpeace caused one of the worst marine ecological disasters of all time.” (Southern Fried Science)

The Kroll-Stanford connection (Goldstein)

No primetime reservations for civilians at Minetta Tavern: “I’m sorry to say that’s the new policy, sir.” (Eater)

Alterman on why big media matters. Has Harvard been captured by Big Pharma? (The Nation)

What business journalists can learn from Sesame Street. (CJR)

This Spotify messaging makes no sense: How is a US “freemium” service different than what’s in Europe? (WSJ Blogs)

Charles Komanoff presents his Balanced Transportation Analyzer (NNYN)

Well done, Gordon, and well said. (Downing Street)


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