A modest suggestion

By Felix Salmon
September 15, 2009
jumping straight in to a model where he charges that much per week.

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Rupert Murdoch should try selling his iPhone app for a flat $1.99 and see how that works before jumping straight in to a model where he charges that much per week.


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i think the micropayments model can work per week or per article (one day), seems to me that it is too difficult to get old school baby boomers to pull out their wallets and purchase just a few dollars worth of credits from anything other that a credible store like apple itunes. i know people that won’t trust paypal/ebay.

the problem i see with web 2.0 is that we have this imaginary .99c price floor, realistically id be willing to pay about 2cents per blog post here.

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You can always fall back to $1.99, so why not start higher.

The lesson pubs are learning is that if you think you EVER want to charge for something, never give it away.

Webmail seems to have made the same mistake. For gmail,yahoo,hotmail, these are all essentially utilities for many users and they never truly cashed in (though hotmail has been trying.)