September 15, 2009

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The TED spread is just 16bp, lowest since 2004. No good can come of this. — PragCap

“In eight states, plus the District of Columbia, getting beaten up by your spouse is a pre-existing condition” — HuffPo

“The president calling Kanye West a ‘jackass’ is perfect information for a tweet. In fact, that’s the ideal format.” — AP

A New York state trooper confronts a woman who chose to bike to school with her kid, calling her “out of compliance” — Streetsblog

Audio of Obama calling Kanye a jackass — TMZ

What happened to Pactual? Morgan Stanley has doubled Brazil bankers to 30 in last year — and adding more — Bloomberg

Roger Federer’s Joy in Losing — NYer

Pics of the new Sol LeWitt mural at Columbus Circle station, from MTA’s Arts for Transit program — MTA

New York mag owner Bruce Wasserstein decides against making a final bid for BusinessWeek — BW

BusinessWeek’s pitch to investors: Buy us, then fire us — Kafka

Little-known fact: Breadpig, the publisher of the xkcd book, is part-owned by S.I. Newhouse IV. — xkcd

What does Lady Gaga have to do with MBS trades? Sing along and find out — HW

The answer to “Can X predict the stock market?” is always no. — Wall St Cheat Sheet

More Roubini/Photoshop action — ibid

I’m #2! — Mediaite

“It’s now cheaper to borrow in dollars than in Yen, so the $ is becoming the new currency of choice for the carry trade” — self-evident

A story about Google and media which includes the word “propinquity”? I’ll read that! — SAI

Corporate bond spread chart of the day shows how desperate investors are for yield — Morningstar


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