September 15, 2009

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53-page Treasury report entitled “The Next Phase of Government Financial Stabilization and Rehabilitation Policies” — Treasury

I kinda love this piece on Malcom Gladwell, “jungle-maned Casanova” — Daily Beast

Can’t all the hipster media outlets just get along? — Gawker

The Washington Post is losing $24 million a month: — WaPo

Judge in BAC/SEC case quotes Oscar Wilde in ruling against Merill bonus settlement — NYT

“The LEICA M9 is the smallest, lightest, highest-quality digital camera ever created by the hand of Man” — Ken Rockwell

Luc Tuymans, a bit of a douche —

Ben Davis suggests some new targets for Glenn Beck’s art criticism — Artnet

Where the FT wipes the floor with the WSJ: gloriously nerdy articles about negative swap spreads — FT

The massive ghost fleet at anchor off the coast of Singapore — Daily Mail

Why doesn’t the NYT publish source documents? “There‚Äôs not much reason not to publish” them, says Ryan Chittum — CJR

People like wine more when they know it has lots of Parker points. Obvs. — Science Daily

Dan Brown and David Foster Wallace were in the same creative-writing class at Amherst. — NY Mag

Good pro-Kanye, anti-MTV rant from Choire Sicha: “Leave Kanye Alone.” — Daily Beast

<love> — Don’t Judge My Hair

I don’t think these guys understand what “bike lane” means — Twitpic


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