September 18, 2009

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Schapiro wants to ban flash trading. We knew that already, but now it’s formal — NYT

Julia Ioffe gets Martin Wolf right, I think — TNR

Love this article on race relations between liberal urban 30-somethings. Hits close to home for me — GQ

I like the new Tube map sans Thames! Can someone get me one? I think it’s going to become a collector’s item — BBC

Money market funds lose $55 billion in 2 days as US insurance ends — Reuters

Interactive map of Manhattan lets you see how it looked before settlement vs how it looks now — NatGeo

You think US mutual fund fees are bad? Check out the UK ones! — Time

The Lafite bubble — Decanter

“The bear case is always more compelling and more articulate.” — Nusbaum

Who is getting blessed, and who is gonna bless it? America. And God! — Atlantic

The complete Taleb interview — Globe & Mail

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