September 22, 2009

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The Epicurean Dealmaker describes an “almost diffident” vampire squid. Is that even possible? — TED

The final report of the Future of the Rose Committee. All seems sensible to me. But will Brandeis pay any attention? — Brandeis

Giant Squid Caught Alive, Briefly, off U.S. — NatGeo

Dick Kovacevich to step down. — Reuters

Banks need to revamp their DDAs (a/k/a checking accounts) as Dodd cracks down on overdraft fees. — Celent

Bloomberg’s challenger suggests recent NYC bike infrastructure improvements have hurt small business. — StreetsBlog

Krugman, circa 2003, made the same mistake as Larry Summers, thinking rates would rise. But he didn’t lose $1 billion. — NYT

A hyphen vigilante! — Kenneth

FT Alphaville has been “pretty much profitable from Day One” — Crain’s

Man with two Jaguars, two Audis, a Range Rover and an Aston Martin rails against car culture — Telegraph

Why Fall Colors Are Different in U.S. (reddish) and Europe (yellowish) — Live Science

Far Eastern Economic Review, RIP. A sad day, but it had been moribund for years. — AP

Hear Dave Hickey’s talk at SVA last week, courtesy James Kalm — Vimeo

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