No-money-down lender of the day

September 22, 2009
this? 2005?

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What year is this? 2005?

Ashley-Gayle Boothe and her husband Scott have applied for a USDA-backed loan to buy their first home, a three-bedroom house 30 minutes north of Tampa, for $127,500. “We didn’t want to put anything down,” says Ashley-Gayle Boothe. “We figured we’d have to buy appliances.”

Of course, the clue that this is happening right now is the lender — yes, USDA as in the Department of Agriculture. Somehow it’s got its hands on $10.5 billion to lend out as no-money-down home loans. And of course taxpayers have nothing to worry about:

The agency argues it adheres to strict underwriting standards, assessing each borrower’s credit, income, and cash flow.

What could possibly go wrong?

(Via Moore)


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