September 23, 2009

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“Of course there were four rooms in Mr. Thain’s office suite” — of course! — TBI

25% budget reductions at Conde Nast, but no mention of salary cuts. Surely all those $400k/year editors could live with such a thing — NYO

Couric’s salary is more than the annual budgets of “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered.” — CJR

Madoff by Karsh!!! Being auctioned! — Artnet

A 2008 survey reported that chocolate digestives were “‘key’ to clinching business deals” — BBC

This Selective Twitter thing is a very good idea, I think — FB

Emanuel Derman’s ode to the chocolate digestive — who knew quants had a knack for the poetic and sublime? — Wilmott

Why would an “in-depth interview” show take its name from a twitter feed? — CBS

Easy + Easy + Easy = Impossible — Scienceblogs

Me, on the radio, on the G20 — KPCC

Me, on the TV, on lots of other things — BNN

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