September 28, 2009

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Is Nordstrom paying “a healthy $4.2 million a month” in rent for its Union Square store? No. Per year, maybe. — NY Mag

Alan Grayson tries to eat the Fed’s general counsel for breakfast. The GC doesn’t seem to enjoy it. — Taibblog

This Picabia is one of the two paintings Ed Ruscha would most like to own. — FT

Meg Whitman: Rich, not smart? — AdAge

Google Maps pixelation art —

Bank of America is “unable” to say whether it destroyed Countrywide phone recordings. Pathetic. — WSJ

Fed staffers Glenn Loney, Michael Collins, Joan Cronin, John Yorke: What were you thinking? Rorty’s on your case — Rortybomb

If pro sports teams can employ their own announcers, I see no problem with them hiring their own journalists. — NYT

“Essentially, the slut list is the Goldman Sachs daughters list… It’s a celebration of machismo, but for girls only.” — NYT

Why would anybody bring their own shovel to a groundbreaking so they could crash the official photo? — Statesman

Ivanka Trump has written a “self-help memoir”. Of course. — Trump

Zubin Jelveh posts Hyun Shin’s great chart showing Wall Street’s growth post-1980 “like a big tumor” — TNR

The NYT’s very good Safire obit — NYT

Dan Bull’s open letter to Lily Allen, in song form — YouTube

Allen Stanford’s wife sues her divorce lawyer for $200 million — Stanford Watch

The WaPo Twitter/FB guidelines are unrelentingly negative. It’s clear editors would be happier with no use at all — PaidContent

Stop imposing bikers on the pedestrian part of the Brooklyn Bridge. Put them on the road instead, in a protected bike lane! — NYT

“Although some White Zin drinkers suffer from arrested development and never move beyond it, I am persuaded many do.” — Wine Economist

Judge Orders Google To Deactivate User’s Gmail Account. Scary. — MediaPost

The best bit of this idiotic Tyler Brule column? The links to 9 different social-networking sites at the bottom. — FT

It’s amazing how a few strategic bleeps can spice up an advertisement — FakeSteve

After Kennedy obit appeared on, editors inserted Limbaugh slam in print version. — Hillman Foundation

Park Slope repels Westboro bigots with spontaneous hora dancing and shofar blasts — F’ed in Park Slope

Katie Couric asks Glenn Beck to define “white culture” and refuses to let go — YouTube

Arrrg! Pirates seize a wall near you — WalletPop

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