By Felix Salmon
September 28, 2009

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Is Nordstrom paying “a healthy $4.2 million a month” in rent for its Union Square store? No. Per year, maybe. — NY Mag

Alan Grayson tries to eat the Fed’s general counsel for breakfast. The GC doesn’t seem to enjoy it. — Taibblog

This Picabia is one of the two paintings Ed Ruscha would most like to own. — FT

Meg Whitman: Rich, not smart? — AdAge

Google Maps pixelation art —

Bank of America is “unable” to say whether it destroyed Countrywide phone recordings. Pathetic. — WSJ

Fed staffers Glenn Loney, Michael Collins, Joan Cronin, John Yorke: What were you thinking? Rorty’s on your case — Rortybomb

If pro sports teams can employ their own announcers, I see no problem with them hiring their own journalists. — NYT

“Essentially, the slut list is the Goldman Sachs daughters list… It’s a celebration of machismo, but for girls only.” — NYT

Why would anybody bring their own shovel to a groundbreaking so they could crash the official photo? — Statesman

Ivanka Trump has written a “self-help memoir”. Of course. — Trump

Zubin Jelveh posts Hyun Shin’s great chart showing Wall Street’s growth post-1980 “like a big tumor” — TNR

The NYT’s very good Safire obit — NYT

Dan Bull’s open letter to Lily Allen, in song form — YouTube

Allen Stanford’s wife sues her divorce lawyer for $200 million — Stanford Watch

The WaPo Twitter/FB guidelines are unrelentingly negative. It’s clear editors would be happier with no use at all — PaidContent

Stop imposing bikers on the pedestrian part of the Brooklyn Bridge. Put them on the road instead, in a protected bike lane! — NYT

“Although some White Zin drinkers suffer from arrested development and never move beyond it, I am persuaded many do.” — Wine Economist

Judge Orders Google To Deactivate User’s Gmail Account. Scary. — MediaPost

The best bit of this idiotic Tyler Brule column? The links to 9 different social-networking sites at the bottom. — FT

It’s amazing how a few strategic bleeps can spice up an advertisement — FakeSteve

After Kennedy obit appeared on, editors inserted Limbaugh slam in print version. — Hillman Foundation

Park Slope repels Westboro bigots with spontaneous hora dancing and shofar blasts — F’ed in Park Slope

Katie Couric asks Glenn Beck to define “white culture” and refuses to let go — YouTube

Arrrg! Pirates seize a wall near you — WalletPop

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the piece on Meg Whitman was very good, she is a poser wannabe fraud who was in the right place at the right time and her biggest accomplishment was not totally screwing things up. We need more of those exposes on her and her twin loser, Carly Fiorina, both of whom believe their fame will prevent California voters from discovering their incompetence.

Brule’s FT column may have been strange, but the gist of it was on target: twitter is largely unnecessary. It’s unfortunate their latest capital infusion was from private funds; if they were were publicly traded, then I could short them.

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