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Zero Hedge subsumes Equity Private

By Felix Salmon
September 28, 2009

Buried in Joe Hagan’s 5,500-word profile of Zero Hedge is the news (at least to me) that it’s the latest home of Equity Private, a/k/a Finem Respice. She started posting at Zero Hedge under the pseudonym “Marla Singer” in May, and even brought her radio show over there (she moonlights as a DJ). Now, however, she has been subsumed into the Borg:

“Tyler Durden isn’t one person,” she said, but up to 40 different people allowed to post under that name. “We are all Tyler Durden,” Singer claimed.

I don’t see the point, frankly. I’ve been following EP for a pretty long time now, and if I knew which ZH posts were hers, I’d place much more weight in them. That’s what I meant when I said that ZH should be disaggregated. But at least now I understand why it seemed as though she hadn’t posted since July 12 — she just moved over to ZH.

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the fact that you can’t tell the difference between the (alleged) EP posts and the other 39 morons says it all.


I have noticed a few vintage “Equity Private”-type posts at ZH under the nom de plume Marla Singer in the past. (Aficionados will know what constitutes an EP-type post.)

Whether she has posted as Tyler Durden as well is not clear to me, because I don’t waste my time reading that site. ZH would say that is because I am part of the Establishment Conspiracy. Tee-hee.


So why not call for the Economist, which also does not publish the names of its authors, to be “disaggregated”? Maybe because you are a big-media whore?

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Marla mi amour,
dans mes rêves!


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Unfortunately, EP had the same pattern of initially extremely high-signal content, followed by more conspiracy-theory stuff and distrust of the political system.

I see no evidence to believe that financial blogging does not have its one-hit wonders. Here’s hoping TED (or Felix) does not travel down the same path of Fight Club.

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GaryD, I’m on the record as disliking intensely the Economist’s culture of anonymity. What makes you think I’m not? I’d love it were the Economist disaggregated.

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